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VR training simulators from Flint Systems
Date of publication: 05.10.2021

Training of specialized machinery operators has always been difficult. Renting such machines for training purposes is extremely expensive and the training itself is than often performed at industrial sites, just next to real operations. The process of training of unexperienced persons in such conditions causes serious risks, like equipment damages, cargo damages, and what’s more important the risk of injuring people working at the site. Is there any way to solve the problem?

Flint Systems solves the biggest challenges facing industry right now. The solution that we provide is VR training and simulator technology to solve those challenges.

How does a VR training simulator look?

VR simulator consists of two parts – software and hardware. Its most basic version comprises goggles, seats and joysticks. However, a VR simulator can be more advanced – we can add elements like a steering wheel, additional hand sensors, a motion platform to compensate machine’s movement, a trendy “cage” around it – it all depends on the Clients needs. A person who wants to dig in just needs to put the goggles on – and whoosh! – they’re instantly immersed in a different reality. For instance, they can be an operator of a port crane, forklift, tank driver, – the possibilities are endless.

VR training simulators and their advantages

Our simulators are very easy to use. It literally is a case of just sitting down and putting on a VR headset and you’re away. From a training perspective what our simulators do is they allow the trainers and the companies to replicate any type of situation, any type of climate, weather any experienced, and elements within that you just can’t get training in a traditional way. We can recreate that dangerous situation but remove that element of danger, so you can train your people safely and effectively.

Flint Systems can tailor a simulator to a Client’s exact requirements. We offer a wide range of various products from a very simple, straightforward simulator, to a full replicate using motion platforms to really recreate the experience of being in that particular machine.

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