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Maritime Medicine Centre

Our cooperation with the domestic and foreign ship owners also includes providing Medical Service Program. Medical Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via 24 Hour Medical Hotline in our largest medical network on territory of the whole country and includes also cooperating foreign healthcare facilities. Apart from this, the seafarers may also receive specialist diagnostic consultation in the medical facility dedicated to them, i.e. Maritime Medicine Centre and a 24 Hour Emergency Service providing urgent care.

International Health Certificates

Cooperation with the ship owner also involves monitoring expiry dates of the Sailor’s International Health Certificates. In case of the near expiry, the officer of the 24 Hour Medical Hotline contacts a sailor to specify the date of the appointment at a healthcare facility. All tests and examinations as well as consultations are carried out in one standard at the Maritime Medicine Centre in Gdynia or organised in particular partnership healthcare facilities all over the country. We guarantee the organisation of all tests and consultation appointments a sailor has to obtain to get a specialist’s opinion on their aptness to work during one working day.

Coordination of Treatment

Maritime Medicine Centre organises the whole treatment process for a seafarer, and also coordinates the follow-up upon the seafarers’ return to their homeland – from organising medical transportation from the airport, appointment with the consultants, diagnostic tests to hospitalisation, if need arises. Through the whole process a seafarer is accompanied by an Individual Medical Care Manager, who is in touch with the patient and their family, and the employer as well.

Prophylactic Programs

Maritime Medicine Centre specialises in the organisation of the prophylactic programs for the sailors, worked out specifically in order to prevent the most common civilisation diseases. The scope of tests and specialist consultations is worked out for each sailor individually, depending on the hazardous factors occurring at a given workplace and individual medical indications specified by the physician involved in the program. The examinations are followed up by a visit at the consultant’s. During this appointment the results are assessed and medical recommendations given.
When the periodic tests include prophylactic programs, it is possible to carry out the tests during the one-day-hospital project.

Protective Inoculation Program

The Centre for Maritime Medicine in Gdynia holds the Travel Medicine Centre Certificate. This allows it to provide complex services to patients both before travel abroad and upon their return.

A consultant will suggest appropriate prophylactic procedures and will give guidelines as to a safe conduct in various climatic zones. A patient will also get to know what the first aid kit useful for travel should include.

An undoubted advantage of our centre is the possibility of getting recommended and essential vaccinations in accordance with the travel plan as well as other indications.

We provide the following vaccinations for overseas travel:

hepatitis A virus
hepatitis B virus
combined hepatitis A and B
diphtheria, polio and tetanus booster
yellow fever
typhoid fever