MERKURY Ship-Chandler -

MERKURY Ship-Chandler

Hryniewieckiego 1
70-606 Szczecin

Merkury Shipchandler is a ship suppling company, Who works in all ports of Poland : Szczecin, Świnoujście, Kołobrzeg, Gdańsk, Gdynia, as well as in manyb ports of Germany : Rostock, Mukran, Stralsund, Vierow, Wolgast.

In our offer You can find:

Provision Supply:

- fresh meat, meat products, fishes,

vegetables and fruits

only from well known supliers

- vegetables and fruits preserved in tins, dried, frozen, always with longest possible \"best before\" date from best known polish producers

- mineral water, drinks both sparkling and natural, fruit and vegetable juices

- dairies and fats, butter, oil, cheese, milk, yoghurt and all milk products

- breads, flours, macaroni, noodles, groats

- coffee, tea, candies and all spices, both regional and oriental

Bonded Supply :

- cigarettes and tabac

- cognac both VS and VSOP, brandy and gin

- vodkas - white and tastefull,

including polish and russian type

- liquers

- whiskey and burbons, rum and tequilla

- wine, wermouth, beer and soft drinks

Technical Supply:

- engine stores - tools, chemicals, spare parts

- deck stores - safety equipment, clothes, rope and wires

- cabin and galley stores

- B.A. Charts and navigation publications

Services and repairs :

- steel repairs - welding, piping, locksmithing

- electric and electronic equipment repairs

- life-rafts and fire-fighting equipment servicing

- sanitation and medical services

- divers services

- laundry services.