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I. MIDCON-DESIGNER Ltd. offers following services in design works, supervision and as mentioned below:

1. Classification project.
a) hull construction,
b) ship's systems: ballast, bilge, fuel transfer, air vent, sounding, sanitary water supply and discharge, fire installations, provision store cooling, out fitting, air conditioning, ventilation,installations of product chemical carriers;
c) fire protection;
d) deck arrangement: anchor and mooring, steering, lifesaving, cargo gear, hatch covers, container guides and fittings, ramps, platforms for Ro-Ro vessels and ferries;
e) structural fire protection;
f) machinery arrangement and installations;
g) refrigeration installations;
h) general arrangement plans;
i) accommodation outfit;
j) navigation and communication installations;
k) electrical installations.

2. Architectural design.
3. Coordination drawings of pipes and HVAC installation realized in 3D by NUPAS CADMATIC OUTFITTING (from November 2005).
4. Material / equipment contracting and delivery.
Documentation is made in AUTOCAD.
5. Strength calculations in NAUTICUS 3D BEAM.
6. Other programs: Rhinoceros, Autodesk Inventor.

II. Workshop drawings acc. to builder's technology as above.
1. Pipe isometric drawings for manufacturing and installation of piping realized by CADMATIC 3D. Pipe module (from November 2005).
2. Hull drawings realized by NUPAS 3D.
3. Nesting drawings in NUPAS

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Witold Obst
Project Manage