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48 91 455 7315


Based on the mutual initiative of Miroslaw Brzozowski and Andrzej Kaczmarczyk,
the MIRAND company is established in 1996.

Professional experience of both partners as well contacts with multiple partners affects the dynamic growth over the years of its existence on the market for shipbuilding and repair works.

The MIRAND enterprise is located in Poland, Szczecin a city with long sea traditions related to the shipping, shipbuilding and ship repairs activities.
Our headquarter as well facilities are placed on the territory of former Stocznia Szczecinska Nowa (opposite side of Gryfia Repair Yard).

Our staff consist of 50 experienced employees among who are highly educated engineers, technicians, welders, steel and pipe fitters, mechanicians, electricians and painters.
All our staff has plenty of years experience in the shipbuilding and ships repair industry this we treat as our strong points which enables us to take any challenge and perform works of best quality, high efficiency as well with competitive prices.

Here are some particular details of our facilities:
- Hall / workshop capacity 1000 m2
- Portal crane with two separate hoisting hooks 25 T / 5T into hall with extended railway to the quay.
- Two(2) cranes on the quay 23 T each
- Quay length 200 m. Possible extension to 300 m.
- Depth near quay: 6,5 – 7 m
- radial drill
- lathe
- mill machine
- steel cutting machine (plasma / gas) able to cut steel plates formats: 3 m x 12 m
- band saw for various profiles


Our scope of services:

- class, intermediate and emergency repairs,
- main steel works as shell plating, tank-top renewal of standard marine steel grade as well high tensity steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
- Various steel and aluminum constructions as ship’s hull sections, accommodation parts, wheelhouses, masts, hatches, civil building constructions as bridges, roof constructions etc.
- Hull, cargo holds and tanks sandblasting, hydroblasting and painting
- Piping system execution either repair – seawater, fire, fuel, hydraulic and other
- Maintenance and repair works of the Engine Room and deck equipment.
- Electrical works,
- Outfitting works,
- Building of fully equipped vessels mainly fishing boats
- Interior works onboard the ships (new arrangement of the cabins, refreshment of the cabins, mess room, galley etc.)
- Marine boilers repair and maintenance works.