Gdańsk University of Technology The Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology

G. Narutowicza 11/12
80-952 Gdańsk
58 347 1793
58 341 4712

Relacja z konferencji MARELDAYS 2017

Relacja z konferencji

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Teaching and scientific research work is carried out in the Faculty in six chairs: Ship Structural Mechanics and Strength, Ship Construction Technology, Quality Systems and Materials Science, Theory and Design of Ships, Ship Power Plants and Equipment, Ship Automation and Turbine Propulsion Systems.
There are two organizations dealing with student problems in the Faculty:
•The Faculty Student Council
•The Faculty Scholarship Commission.
The following objects comprise the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology of the Gdansk University of Technology:
•the faculty building housing the administrative part, two large lecture theatres and a number of smaller lecture rooms;
•teaching and research laboratories, a modern computer laboratory;
•library with reading room;
•specialist laboratories scattered over the territory of Gdansk University of Technology but belonging to the Faculty:
◦Ship Hydromechanics Laboratory,
◦Ship Automation and Turbine Propulsion Laboratory,
◦Ship Equipment Laboratory, Ship Machinery and Power Plant Laboratory;
•Research Centre in Ilawa.
The Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology has also at its diaposal several unique research facilities, including:
•Ship Hull Laboratory,
•Ship Hydromechanics Laboratory in Ilawa,
•Towing Tank,
•Cavitation Tunnel,
•Machine Laboratory,
•Laboratory of Deep-Sea Technology and Composite Materials,
•Materials Science Laboratory.
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