Our company specializes in elaboration of inland navigation vessel and small sea
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The enterprise NAVICENTRUM Ltd. is an engineering design office operating continuously from 1952. Within the period 1952-1991, the office was functioning as a state owned enterprise under the name Inland Navigation Research and Design Centre NAVICENTRUM. The enterprise was privatized on January 1, 1992, and transformed to the Company, Limited, named Design-Service Company NAVICENTRUM.

More than 300 various floating objects were built on the base of technical documentation elaborated by NAVICENTRUM for home and foreign owners. The range of our design activity includes:

Dry cargo vessels
Passenger vessels
Research and training vessels
Inspection boats
Bunkering tankers
Bunkering floating stations
Floating hotels and houses
Passenger and car ferries
Fire boats
Dredgers of various types and sizes
Ice breakers
Floating pump stations
Floating power stations
Floating cranes
Fishing vessels etc.

NAVICENTRUM elaborates technical documentation of vessels on the base of rules and regulations issued by such Classification Societies as:

Polish Register of Shipping
Bureau Veritas
Det Norske Veritas
Germanischer Lloyd
Lloyd\'s Register of Shipping
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
and other due to Purchaser\'s request.

During last years, NAVICENTRUM elaborated technical documentation of following vessels:

Research-training vessel for Maritime Academy in Szczecin (Poland) built by the shipyard REMONTOWA S.A. in Gdańsk (Poland)
Passenger vessel for lakes and channels for a Polish Owner
Inspection boat for a Polish Owner
Inland navigation chemical tankers of various sizes for Holland Owners
Fishing vessels for Polish and foreign Owners
Trailing suction dredger for a Polish power station.

NAVICENTRUM participates also in realization of research and developing works financed by Ministry of Scientific Research and Information Technology (Republic of Poland) and European Union.

NAVICENTRUM has engaged more than 40 high-qualified specialists.


The current list of design services includes projects of following floating objects:

dry cargo vessels
line tankers, fuel oil bunkering tankers and floating terminals
passenger, animal and equipment ferries
special vessels, such as:
dredgers of various types and sizes
floating pump stations, cranes and power stations
floating cement and aggregate processing stations
floating workshops
specialized floating units for technical works
ground resource loosening and cleaning units to operation at water intakes
passenger, training and inspection vessels
small fishing vessels etc.

Within last years NAVICENTRUM has realized following vessel designs:

research-training vessel for the Szczecin Maritime School (built by the Gdansk Shiprepair Shipyard)
lake-channel passenger vessel for the rout Elbląg-Ostróda
chemical tanker 1200T for a Dutch Owner built by the Kozle Shipyard

NAVICENTRUM has high-skilled engineering personel including experienced designers of all shipbuilding branches. We are offering our design services within the range and form complying with a Client requests.

Our designers may realize design works as well in the NAVICENTRUM seat as in a Customers seat. We are also offering our services as concerns fairing of vessel body lines and elaboration of lofting documentatio complying with shipyard technological conditios as well in the NAVICENTRUM seat as in a Customers seat NAVICENTRUM.