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Navimor-Invest LLC operates in the market from 1 June 1991, continuing a tradition of Polish companies hydro. The company was formed as a result of privatization PHZ \"Navimor\" and its founders are individuals with years of experience in the construction industry, which (most) of today are related to the company.

The first years of existence the company\'s expansion is mainly in the Czech market, where Navimor-Invest has quickly become a valued contractor for several major investment projects. The company became a full partner of the largest companies and investors (Czech government, the management of waterways, etc.). It should be emphasized that the Company has implemented contracts primarily as a general contractor. The unit value of implemented contracts ranged from 10 to 50 million PLN. It should be noted that in the 90\'s, the company was an important player in the Polish debt repayment against the Czech Republic through the implementation of contracts financed by the Polish Ministry of Finance.

During this period, Navimor-Invest also specializes in the removal of flood damage, and in the modernization and construction of an effective flood protection.

In cooperation with scientific and research institutions, engaged in the exploration of new solutions and technologies, the Company is actively promoting solutions to raise the level of flood safety. With experienced staff, the Company acquired a strong position in hydro, enjoying a reputation of innovative artists and difficult tasks, which often uses the solutions are unknown in inland waters, and which result from the investment in marine waters. Our clients appreciate the company with the timely execution of tasks and the ability for finding the optimal solution, even the most difficult problems.

In nearly a 20-year history, Navimor-Invest has implemented a set of various objects, primarily in the field of water engineering, such as the chamber weirs, harbor quays, marinas and riverside hostels, flood protection, sanitation facilities of hydraulic engineering, hydropower, and many others, road sector, construction and industrial ecology as well as many others. In 2010, the group of participants joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering ZREMB Chojnice SA, so open up new prospects of the Company and the possibility of further expansion in the market, as well as expansion and upgrade potential of the hardware owned, and plan new products. Navimor-Invest Sp. Ltd. has now earned numerous references at home and abroad, and the experience to carry out the complex technology projects.

Ever-growing portfolio of contracts and investor confidence in some optimism for the future.


General contractor completed buildings, repairs, upgrades and specialized subcontracting services.
Hydro Construction

- Construction, renovation and modernization of shipping locks, weirs, dams thresholds,
- Building renovation and modernization of coastal and port terminals,
- Construction of facilities related to tourism and water sports, particularly yachting ports and harbors, marinas,
- Walking bridges,
- Construction of mooring dolphins,
- Construction, renovation of hydro power plants,
- Regulation of streams, rivers and canals (degrees, thresholds, etc.), bank revetments, cleaning trays,
- Construction and repair of flood protection,
- Removal of flood damage,

- Investments in infrastructure (roads, industrial buildings),
- Construction of storage areas, assembly (eg, shipbuilding), maneuvering,
- Construction piling

- Pile Driving Works (owned by wibromotw),
- Other services hardware, including the run with water