Scandlines Ferry Damaged in Shipyard Dock Accident
Date of publication: 16.03.2015

A Scandlines ferry in dock at the Remontowa shipyard in Gdansk, Poland for planned upgrades is getting an unexpected extended stay.

The ferry Prinsesse Benedikte was finishing up a three-week scrubber installation at the yard earlier this week when the floating dock it was in keeled over during the float-out, causing the ferry to slip down the keel block. The incident resulted in damages and flooding of the engine room, but luckily nobody was hurt in the accident.

The yard is currently assessing the extent of the damages, as well as what repairs will be needed. A statement to gCaptain by Scandlines said that they expect to have an overview in about 2 to 3 weeks time.

“The captain of the ship took good care of his people (the on-site team) who could all leave the vessel in good condition,” said the statement.

The Prinsesse Benedikte is one of four ferries operating on the busy Germany to Denmark route known as “Fugleflugtslinjen/Vogelfluglinie”, aka the “bee-line”.