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NED-PROJECT Sp. z o.o. is a private multidisciplinary design office with over 30 years of experience. We specialize in own designs of specialized tow, fishing and passenger units.

NED-Project is a unique combination of experience, tradition and an innovative approach to the design process. We employ professionals from the top shelf, constantly investing in their development. The efficiency and motivation of the designers, together with their extensive experience, guarantee the success of the projects entrusted to us.

Intensive use of BIM tools in the early stages of projects allows for unique design adaptation to the client's expectations. We design, constantly developing our know-how - the latest VR technology tools create unique opportunities to discuss and find ideal technical solutions. What's more, it allows for continuous verification of the equipment along with the systems throughout the design process, thus maximizing the potential of the designed unit making the vessel extremely ergonomic.

Our team of architects adapts to all customer requirements, providing innovative solutions from our rich offer of original conceptual designs or based on currently operated units. We work with research centers and crews to maximize the effectiveness of our work.

NED-Project also provides planning services, cash flow forecasting in the project and document management using internal project management software. Many years of experience in the unpredictable market has motivated us to develop and support a new and effective solution for project and process management.

We are involved in conversion and installation projects of WBTS and Scrubber systems on existing units in accordance with the latest IMO Ballast Water Management convention. The team of engineers closely cooperates with the shipyard staff, using 3D reconstruction techniques to provide detailed documentation, which enables streamlining the installation process and quick return of the project in shipyards specialized in such works.

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We are designers, Engineers and software experts.

All technical Dsiciplines:
- Ship theory & design,
- Calculations,
- Concept design,
- Deck equipment,
- Interior,
- Structural and Hull,
- HVAC & refrigeration,
- Machinery,
- Electrical,

Project Management solution:
- cashflow for each project,
- Coordination of all subcontractors,
- Online data flow and information exchange,
- Reliable forecast and project projection,
- Full control of the documentation, revisions and issues,
- Risk identifiaction and alert before loses,
- Dedicated to Shipbuilding software, adopted to other business sectors as proven solution,
- Automatical way of regiser ISO certificate logs,