Excellent third quarter at Bulk Cargo Port Szczecin
Excellent third quarter at Bulk Cargo Port Szczecin
Date of publication: 11.12.2018
This will be a very good year for the biggest terminal in Polish Stettin - Bulk Cargo Port Szczecin. After three quarters, cargo turnover exceeded 3.5 million tonnes in comparison to 3 million tonnes  year before.

This over 10 percent growth in handling will increase to 20 percent at the end of the year. Terminal plans to achieve cargo turnover of 4,8 mln tons this year, 0,9 mln ton higher than year before.

Third quarter results in individual commodity group:

Coal – same result as in 2017
Coke - 55 % growth
Ores – 14 % growth
Other dry cargoes – 7 % growth
Grain - same result as in 2017
General cargo – 50 % growth

Terminal achieved good results thanks to the diversification of cargo, investments and effective use of quays.

It is worth adding that in the first three quarters of this year, very large increases were recorded on virtually all Bulk Cargo quays.

Bulk Cargo-Port Szczecin Sp. z o.o. is the largest and most versatile reloading and storage company in the port of Szczecin. Thanks to many years of experience and investment strategy from a company that formerly specialized in bulk goods export - mainly coal, it has become a versatile terminal, serving almost all cargo groups passing through the Odra estuary ports. Bulk Cargo has the deepest quays in the port of Szczecin with a total length of nearly 3.5 kilometers, over 50,000 sq m of covered warehouse space and 300,000 sq m of storage yards. Annually, Bulk Cargo serves over 800 vessels, 1200 barges, 40,000 wagons and 60,000 cars.
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