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Odlewnia ELZAMECH Sp. z o.o.

ul. Dolna 4a
82-300 Elbląg
+48 55 239 71 40, +48 883 369 410
+48 55 232 59 55


\"ELZAMECH\" Foundry was established in 1994 consequently to the restructuring process affecting \"ZAMECH\" Mechanical Factory. Foundry practice however dates back until 1946. Currently, the company remains entirely a private entity.

The company specializes in a single-unit as well as short-run production of challenging iron castings (requiring certifications from classification societies) by applying hand moulding in chemically hardened masses.

\"ELZAMECH\" remains a sole foundry in Poland which possesses several decades of experience and expertise in the production
of responsible turbine castings and medium and heavy castings intended for gear transmissions manufactured by the maritime industry.

We have been one of very few companies supplying the large-size components for chemical apparatuses applied in chemical industry plants. In order to meet the market demand the company have elaborated and implemented the technology for production of GGG 40.3 ductile cast iron with increased notched-bar value in the temperatures until - 30 degrees C. Since 1997 we have been supplying the castings intended for wind generators.

Company\'s export accounts for 80% of production volume and is directed to the countries of the European Union and America, of which ductile cast iron castings constitute 70% with noticeable share from GGG 40.3 material. The company has been constantly increasing
the production volumes for wind generator industry and turbine industry.

\"ELZAMECH\" is a highly-recognisable company worldwide.

Production process is executed in line with the Integrated Management System complying with the following norms: ISO 9001:2008,
ISO 14001:2004and PN-N 18001:2004.

Foundry\'s products fulfill the requirements of World Qualification Society-Lloyd\'s Register.

The Company guarantees high quality, meeting the deadlines and competitive prices.


\"ELZAMECH\" Foundry is based within industrial premises located at Niska and Dolna streets equipped with full technical infrastructure and in the close vicinity to cooperating companies.

The company provides its customers with full range service due to offering the full scope
of machining and heating treatments, wide portfolio of services accompanied by designing
of patterns to complement the founding process.