Ludowa 16
71-700 Szczecin
91 462 52 00
91 462 52 01
PARTNER-SHIP company was founded on 1 August 2004 as an international supplier of machinery, equipment and spare parts for the shipping industry. The company headquarters was on the Bytomska 15A street.

With effect from 1 July 2010 as the PARTNER-SHIP company purchased from the SZCZECIN AND SWINOUJSCIE SEAPORTS AUTHORITY machines located at Ludowa 16 Street. This group of machines was operated so far by the PORT CENTRAL MECHANICAL WORKSHOP (PCWM) that on 31 May 2010 declared bankruptcy liquidation. In view of the purchase of machinery and tools located in the hall with an area of approximately 1250m2, acquired the building in which these devices were collected. Thus PARTNER-SHIP company moved its headquarters at Ludowa 16 Street.

The main activity of the company is processing of metals. We have a well-equipped machinery mechanical workshop focused on a large surface area. A key advantage of the company is highly qualified team with many years of experience in their jobs. We employ mainly operators of lathes, milling and drilling machines, grinders, and many others, such as mechanics, welders, or conservators. They are experts with vast experience in this field - in some cases, this professional practice dates back nearly 30-40 years. That team is guided by engineers who can solve almost every problem with mechanical issues and steel structures.

Machining is performed on such materials as steel, stainless steel, cast steel, aluminum, brass, zinc, duralumin, copper, bronze, iron, white cast iron, cast iron and other metals. In addition, we process some lastics such as ertalon, polyamide or teflon. In addition to the work that we perform at our workshop, we also cooperate with companies with similar business profile, leaning on their experiences, which gives us the opportunity to broaden their range of services. Due to the large potential of machinery and indispensable skills of our workers, we are able to regenerate and produce a wide variety of equipment and spare parts.

We provide: lathing works, milling works, cutting the teeth of wheels, threading, cutting the worm and warm wheels, chiseling grooves, milling splined, drilling works, borer works, grinding works, cylinder liner hohning, crankshaft grinding, connecting rods, pistons and cylinder heads regenerating, complete overhaulings of marine engines, reproducing of spare parts, ship equipment manufacturing, harbour equipment manufacturing, construction equipment manufacturing, and many other services connected to metalworking and steel construction. We also have a portable boring machine, which enables us to bring services in the field.

With knowledge and experience of our team, we are able to maintain very precise fits and tolerances, which results in maintaining high quality of service. Therefore, the fact that most customers of PCWM become our customers. Some of them openly admits that the quality of services performed by us and the customer service definitely improved. In this way we gain a growing number of satisfied customers, which in turn contributes to the rapid development of the company.

For our customers, we have become not only distributors of goods and services, but most of all trading partners and advisors. Thanks of long achieved trust and growing relationship with suppliers of goods and materials, and qualified staff, we are able to ensure the highest quality goods and services. The dynamics and flexibility allows us to carry out the activities of individual projects, and special orders. We try wherever possible to expand the current offer. Our guiding objective is to meet the ever more demanding customers, their needs and expectations, and a comprehensive and professional service contractors.
The types of work that we are able to make on our facilities:
WORKS ON SLOTTING MACHINES: Machining of keyway slots of the length up to 200mm, machining of internal teeth on the ring, machining of keyway slots in complex shapes.
WORKS ON PLANERS: Planing keyways of the length up to 500mm.
WORKS ON MILLING MACHINES: Machining, on horizontal and vertical milling machines, the elements of large dimensions, where work space is in the machine dimensions 1200x400x300mm. Drilling of holes divided on ring with a diameter up to Ø1800mm.
WORKS ON HOBBING MILLING MACHINES: Cutting of straight and oblique teeth on circles and rings, cutting worm wheels, with an outside diameter up to Ø400mm using modular milling cutters from M-1 to M-8, and with an outside diameter up to Ø2000mm using modular milling cutters from M-4 to M-20.
WORKS ON BAND SAWS: rollers cutting, pipes, flat bars, angles and other elements at different angles, with a cross section not exceeding 470x400mm.
WORKS ON SURFACE GRINDERS: Grinding of surfaces up to 1000x280mm on magnetic table. Element may not exceed 220mm height.
WORKS ON ROLLER GRINDERS: Grinding of rollers and pipes up to Ø=260mm and 1200mm long between cones. Grinding of holes.
WORKS ON TOOL GRINDERS: Sharpening the tools like modular milling cutters, spindle milling cutters, circular milling cutters, cylindrical milling cutters, drills, milling heads, taps, tapered reamers, countersink, and other cutting tools.
WORKS ON LATHES: Turning internal and external surfaces of objects in the form of solids of revolution such as shafts, pipes, tubes, regular and trapezoidal threading with large dimensions, modular worms M-1 to M-24, regeneration of shafts and holes by adding bushing. The maximum outer diameter 1250mm, maximum length of element 4000mm, maximum workspace over cross slide 600mm, the maximum steady rest Ø650mm.
WORKS ON DRILLING-MILLING MACHINES: Face milling, drilling and boring of holes, turning external shafts and pipes. The surface of the working table 2000x2000mm, working height 1800mm, table capacity 5000kg.
WORKS ON DRILLING MACHINES: Drilling on steel constructions on radial drilling and table drilling.
WORKS ON GUILLOTINES: Cutting metal sheets up to 2mm thick and 1000mm width.
WORKS ON PRESSES: Pressing, pushing, crushing, squeezing components up to 1300mm hieght and 1500mm width. Emphasis 300T.
WORKS IN CUTTERS: Cutting shapes from metal sheets - maximum thickness depends on the accuracy of the cut and the size of the part. Cutting by acetylene-oxygen, plasma, laser, waterjet.
WORKS ON PORTABLE MILLING MACHINES: Boring holes from Ø40mm to Ø250mm with 2000mm track. Overall machine dimensions 900mm. The work carried out on our workshop and at the clients place, on the ground and at the height of the structures.
ASSEMBLY AND DISMANTLING: Assembling and disassembling of equipment, parts and components in the workshop and in the clients place.
WELDING: Welding by electrodes, welding wire with shielding gas and firing the burner. Making steel structures.
WORKS ON HONING MACHINES: Honing of cylinders and cylinder liners with diameters up to 600mm.
IMPROVEMENT AND MAINTENANCE OF: Hot-dip galvanizing, zink plating, chrome plating, thermical or chemical toughening, repainting.
ADDRESS: POLAND, 71-700 Szczecin, Ludowa 16
PHONE: +48 914 625 200
FAX: +48 914 625 201
obróbka metali
konstrukcje stalowe
przekładnie zębate
windy kotwiczne
windy cumownicze
produkcja i remonty urządzeń okrętowych
koła łańcuchowe
koła linowe
przekładnie ślimakowe
handling equipment
overhead cranes
gantry cranes
port of Szczecin
Swinoujscie port
metal machining
refurbishment buncher
manual machining
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slotting envelope
shaving gear
gear lapping
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