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OT Port Gdynia Sp. z o.o.

Indyjska 13
81-336 Gdynia
+48 58 627 41 08
+48 58 627 41 07


OT Port Gdynia provides handling and storage services in a strategic location at the Port of Gdynia on a 24/7 basis. The terminal meets requirements arising from the ISPS Code, is perfectly linked with the national road and rail transport system as well as offers a large external parking area for trucks waiting to enter the OT Port Gdynia.

OT Port Gdynia supports regular calls to Gdynia of the following shipowners: Finnlines (Finland), Transfennica (Finland), Euroafrica (Western Europe, Western Africa), as well as charter services in the Baltic Sea and charter services to Central, North and South Americas.

The terminal has a dominant position in Poland as regards handling operations in ro-ro technology (roll-on/roll-off cargoes, semi-trailers) as well as handling and storage of paper and paper products, including cellulose.


OT Gdynia Port has many years of experience in handling:
- general cargoes in ro-ro, sto-ro and lo-lo systems, i.e. paper, cellulose, steel, big-bags, wood based products, heavy items, oversized cargoes, project deliverables, trailers, cars, other vehicles and machines
- bulk cargoes, including agro i.e. cereals, middlings, feed, biomass and other bulk goods such as coke or aggregate;
- containers in ro-ro and lo-lo systems, including tank-containers and refrigerated containers.

In addition to the main service of cargo handling and storage, OT Port Gdynia also provides the services of container stuffing/stripping, pallet stuffing/stripping, cargo lashing, sorting, segregating and more.