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14-100 Ostróda
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PPH MODUL Ltd. is a private Polish firm producing high quality sanitary cabins for all types of vessels as well as for the on-shore and off-shore industry, at very competitive prices.

Founded in 1990 PPH MODUL has experienced a very high level of all-round development, substantially increasing the scope of production and product variety. That was possible due to the substantial investments in a new production space and modern machinery and tools.

The success which we achieved over the past 20 years has been based on four main principles:
1) flexibility of production to satisfy the particular requirements of any customer,
2) high quality of the final product in compliance with internationally approved manufacturing standards,
3) punctuality of deliveres according to agreed schedules,
4) very compettive prices to the other makers of sanitary cabins in the world.

PPH MODUL with a 4100 m2 of production space is located on a 10.000 m2 parcel in Ostróda 135 km from Gdańsk on the main road to Warsaw. At present, production capacity stands at 1800 cabins per year.


At PPH MODUL production is focused on meeting every customer\'s particular requirement.
PPH MODUL\'s highly skilled and efficient personnel offers:
In-house design capabilities, working with customers to find solutions and establish product requirements. All drawings are made by highly skilled engineer in the Autocad program.

Quality oriented manufacturing, enable on-time delivery of products according to ILO,SOLAS and major Classification Societes (LR, GL, DNV, BV, PRS, SBG etc.) requirements.
Competetive pricing, due to high productivity increases during the last 20 years.

At PPH MODUL, all materials, equipment and fittings employed are of the highest quality. In addition, all products are subject to stringent quality inspections and tests, thereby eliminating customer dissatisfaction.

In 1991 first contracts were signed for delivery of wet units to the Appledore Ltd Shipyard in United Kingdom and Burmeister & Wain in Denmark.
At present PPH MODUL produces various types of ready-to-fit sanitary cabins, suitable for ships and/or buildings. The most popular are cabins, each made by either thin steel sheets or sandwich panels.
Each sanitary cabin is delivered by PPH MODUL as a module and ready-to-fit element, fully furnished with all necessary sanitary and fitting equipment, water, electrical and waste instalations, as well as properly finished to meet any technical condition set out by the client.