P.P.U.H. STER Sp. z o.o.

Class and raining repairs of vessels and pontoons
ul. Pucka 110 A
81 - 036 Gdynia
(+48 58) 782 20 61
(+48 58) 782 20 62


Messrs. P.P.U.H. STER Ltd. have been established in 1995. We are private joint-stock Company established and managed by staff having many-years experience in performing of all kinds repairs on board of cargo vessels as well special purposes vessels i.e. dredgers, chemical cargo carriers, ferrys and tug-boats and also many works on shore.

Good experienced workers are employed by us (previously they were employed in Polish shiprepair yards and new building shipyards) specialized in many ranges of works: steel, welding, fitter, joiner, carpenter, piping, electric, elektronic and painting.

Repairs were executed by our Enterprise on board of more than 300 vessels of different Owners.

We can pride ourselves on conversion connected with steel work in Gdańsk harbour in manufacturing of several hundred of steel structure on board of the vessels and complete conversion of Polish ferry-boats: m/f SILESIA, ROGALIN and NIEBORÓW.

Repairs orders are performed strictly in time and with ensuring of high level of performance and with confidence of our partners as well raising of orders quantity.

Due to these facts, our annual turnover reaches 1,5 mln USD and still raises.
We have PRS and MRS certificate for welding and piping works.


Our Enterprise offers executing of following scope of work:

class and raining repairs of vessels and pontoons
manufacturing of new installations; water, fuel, oil, heating, hydraulic and fire-fighting
manufacturing of automatic fire-fighting installation with use of sprinkling (sprinklers installation)
steel work and welding job
fitter work
joinery and carpenter work
plumber work in full range (i.e. repair and renewal)
cleaning and painting of vessel hulls
cleaning and painting of holds and tanks
cleaning and painting of steel structures
manufacturing of new steel and stainless steel structures

Technical facilities of our enterprise:

1. Production room of area 200 sq.m. is equipped with:

Fitter benches with equipment -5pcs
Plumber and electrical workshops
Radial, standing drilling machine
Milling machine
Table drilling machines - 3pcs
Rollers for steel plates bending - 2pcs
Cutting machine for steel sheets
Bending machines for steel plates and tubes -4pcs
Groovers - 2pcs
Mechanical threaders- 4pcs
Electro-tools (hand drilling machines, battery screwdrivers, grinding machines,cutting-machines, planes)
Saws for cutting of pipes and steel sections
Elevators and hoists(hand and electrical)
Air compressors with equipment - 4pcs
Ventilation equipment (fans, ventilation suction nozzles)
Machines and welding equipment: welding semi-automats, portable transformer and electronic welding machines, welding rectifiers,(cabinets) together with welding stands set for 16 person, electrical oven for electrodes drying