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Pol-Levant Sp. z o.o. Linie Żeglugowe

10 Lutego 24
81-364 Gdynia
58 690 06 60 , 58 690 06 65
58 690 06 50


POL-LEVANT Linie Żeglugowe Spółka z o.o. (POL-LEVANT Shipping Lines Ltd) is one of the biggest Polish ship operators.
We operate ports of Scandinavia, Poland, Western Europe and Mediterranean Sea basin including ports of North Africa and Middle Asia.
The Company\'s tradition goes back to the year 1935 when Żegluga Polska S.A. in co-operation with the Swedish ship owner Svenska Orient Linien A/B established a line connecting Gdynia with the Mediterranean Sea ports.
Later on, Polish Ocean Lines took over operation of the ships on the said line.

The present legal form was established on the 1st May 1993 when POL-LEVANT Linie Żeglugowe Spółka z. o.o. was separated from PLO (Polish Ocean Lines ) Group.

POL-LEVANT constitutes an operator\'s enterprise dealing with marketing and booking cargo as well as technical and operational services of the sea-going vessels. We provide complex shipping services within international sea navigation.Basic activity of the company is transport, by our ships, of such cargo as: general cargo (including unified ), rolling loads, investment goods, oversized units and heavy cargoes on specialised road trailers, fresh fruit and vegetables, containers of all kinds and types (including reefers). We organise also a transport door-to-door, that is for all forwarding courses from producer to receivers.

POL-LEVANT is experienced in work with big, medium and small companies.
Our basic and primary aim is to render services to the Customers\' satisfaction and pleasure. We achieve the aim through employment of the highly qualified and experienced employees, both on shore and on board.I Increasing number of competitive companies on the shipping market made POL-LEVANT to seek new organisational and system solutions that would enable the company to develop and improve in the future.
Just as production companies POL-LEVANT definitely saw its chance in assurance of the quality services.POL-LEVANT is the first Polish company where two systems of quality assurance regarding services and management of safe ships\' operation and protection of sea environment were developed, implemented and certified both in the office and on boards.
These two issues were developed as one integrated study.
Since 1998 POL-LEVANT has been awarded two certificates , ie: quality assurance according to ISO 9001;2000 and management of safe ships\' operation and protection of sea environment according to the requirements of ISM Code.
We were awarded the second certificate almost four years before the time limit required by international regulations for our ships.
Additionally we already posses the International Ship Security Cerificate (ISSC) which concerns security of eventual terrorists attacks.