Polish Association of Fish Processors

ul. Słowiańska 5 pok. 111,
75-846 Koszalin
(+48 94) 347 13 28


The Polish Association of Fish Processing (PAFP)was established on the 07th July 1998. It is an all-Poland organization cumulating companies operating in the field of fish processing.

The main aim of the association is to unite the trade environment as well as present and protect the businesses of incorporated companies and what is more to promote fresh and processed fish.

Our Association:

◦represents the interests of its members
◦participates in law formation through projects and law acts consultations as well as initiates new entries into the Journal of Laws that are advantageous for the fish business
◦protects the trade against an introduction of disadvantageous amendments in the regulations as well as against any difficulties and liabilities imposed on our companies
◦promotes Polish fish processing in the country and abroad
◦provides its members with information on politics, EU programmes and support schemes
◦PAFP representatives take part in important processing development seminars, committees and meetings both in Poland and abroad
◦coorganizes seminars and trainings during which members of the association have an opportunity to become familiar with the most modern methods in fish processing as well as allows fish processing staff to improve their professional skills
◦cooperates with academic centres-Agricultural Academy in Szczecin, Technical University of Szczecin-Innovation Relay Cetre in order to undertake joint actions that aim at development and growth of competitiveness of the fish processing companies
◦since 2005 PAFP has been a member of AIPCE - E.U.Fish Processors Association /CEP- E.U. Federation of National Organisations of Importers and Exporters of Fish The organization gathers national associations or organizations that represent fishing industry in the E.U. member countries. The aim of the organization is to represent the business of the EU fishing industry before Authorities and Institutions of the European Union, to promote and protect the image of the fishing industry products, analyse the objects of common interest in the field of law, science, technology and economy