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Polish LNG Conference – less than a month left
Date of publication: 29.10.2018

The kick-off is nearly upon us. The Polish LNG Conference 2018 is approaching fast and we’d like you to take a look at a brief overview of what awaits you in Warsaw on 14-15 November. Additionally we’re happy to announce that the first day of the event will feature simultaneous interpretation into Polish.

The programme is set, the venue awaits. The second edition of the Polish LNG Conference is ready to launch.

Market, policy and energy independence

Considering that we’ll once again meeting in Poland and the fact that the conference is being prepared in close cooperation with the Polish LNG Platform, it seemed only fitting to open up with an analysis of the impact that LNG will have on Poland’s energy transition. We’ll then broaden up the focus for a moment as Tommy Mattila, the Marketing & Sales Director at Skangas presents us with the main drivers for the development of the LNG market in Europe.

A thorough market forecast and policy recommendations will also be available, delivered by experts from GIE and NGVA.

Energy independence is a hot topic right now and so we’ve invited a selection of experts to share with us their views on the matter and how it affects the region we all do business in. Representatives from the Center for Industrial Development, Gaz-System and Baltic Connector are going to tackle US’ and Poland’s partnership and its impact on the European LNG market, the scope of natural gas infrastructure development in the Baltic and CEE region and opportunities for new supply corridors.

The fuel of the future

There is a lot of talk surrounding not just LNG in transport, but the transport of LNG. But don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. Ernst & Young, Remontowa LNG Systems and Chart will talk about the modern approach in small scale LNG transport and storage as well as the intermodal approach to LNG transportation, as well as mobile and relocatable systems for energy supply.

Technological innovations will be expanded upon in a speech by Wärtsilä, approaching the topic from the synergistic angle, looking for parallels between LNG tech for marine and land industry and the resulting benefits.

The topic of LNG as fuel for transport and the related creative solutions will also make an appearance. LNG as an alternative to diesel in road transportation and the most environmentally friendly path for heavy and long haul trucks as well as the hurdles that we need to overcome before global implementation of LNG as marine fuel – these topics will be discussed at length by our guests from Iveco, Nauticor and Volvo.

The B2B networking experience

Don’t forget about the special networking event that we’ve prepared for all delegates registered for the event. It presents you with a unique, tailored experience, ensuring that you will be able to make the most of your time at the event – reaching the people vital to the growth of your business.

All the information needed to register for the B2B meeting can be found on our website, under the following link.

Please make sure to visit the conference website and the Polish LNG Platform’s page on LinkedIn for the latest updates.