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Port of Gdańsk. Impressive progress on the construction of the T3 terminal at the Baltic Hub
Date of publication: 02.04.2024

The construction of Baltic Hub T3 is entering the next phase. The entire area is already converted into land, which means that Poland has gained 36 hectares.

The construction of the T3 terminal in the Baltic Hub in the port of Gdańsk is progressing. This was helped by a relatively warm winter, thanks to which work did not have to be interrupted for a longer period. As Antoni Ciepielewski, area director in the Infrastructure Construction Directorate of Budimex, the main contractor of the investment, said during the Offshore Wind 2.0 conference, the entire planned area is already converted into land. This de facto means that 36 hectares of new territory in the country have been created.

– As for T3, the entire area has already been converted into land. Currently, our main task is reinforced concrete works on the main quay, beams for cranes and surfaces. At the moment, I do not see any threat to the agreed completion date, which is September next year. I am convinced that, according to the schedule, we will also achieve the planned milestones, including the delivery of cranes and overhead cranes necessary for reloading operations – said Ciepielewski.

Baltic Hub T3 will be intended for transhipment and storage of containers. The square itself will have an area of 36 ha and will be equipped with a deep-water quay with a total length of 717 meters and a depth of 18 meters, which will allow it to handle the largest, 400-meter container ships. Once the works are completed, which is planned for September 2025, the terminal is equipped and put into operation, it will be one of the largest facilities of this type on the continent. The ceremonial laying of the cornerstone for the construction is scheduled to take place this spring.

The terminal itself will be semi-automatic. The control and management process will take place from the office building.

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