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Portowy Zakład Techniczny S.A.

Warsztatowa 4
81-337 Gdynia
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Port Technical Company (PZT) operates within Port of Gdynia environment for 20 years now. After restructuration and ownership changes in 2010 PZT acts as fully private, independent service Company.

PZT services are focused on three different directions: assembly, installation works on large steel constructions of cranes and other machines carried out on our sites in Poland or all over the World, overhauls and repairs of the stevedoring equipment, and heavy elements transportation.

Detailed portfolio of concluded projects may be seen on our webpage: www.pzt.com.pl, but in total figures for last 16 years of assembly business looks as follow:

Over 750 RTG’ erected and tested in Poland or abroad
Over 120 RMG’, or ASC’s assembled in Poland or abroad
More than 25 STS cranes all over the World
Over 300 SC’s or SHC’s assembled and shipped from our sites
More than 15 different machines like: ship unloaders, grabs, stacker-reclimers, special cranes etc.

Company location at the port pier is a big advantage. PZT has an access to a heavy load pier area. There is more than 25,000 sqm of heavy load erection space" "next to the Danish Quay in Port of Gdynia.

Our highly qualified staff of engineers, mechanics, approved welders and crane installation electricians are able to accept and complete every order relying on the comprehensive final assembly of large-size constructions.

For heavy elements transportation we use a Self- Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) made by Scheuerle. The transporter set consists of ten different trailers having altogether 46 wheel axles and four different drive units, and can be used for moving large-size cargo with the total weight of up to 1.600 tonnes. Each pair of wheels has its own suspension and turns independently, making it possible to move in any direction and to rotate the cargo around any defined point. The SPMT facilitates the transportation of goods even in the most logistically demanding locations. Remote control allows the operator to reach the destination safely and with great precision.