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Manufacturing-Commercial company \"Dawid\" SP. z o.o. in Sztum leads production activities in the production of equipment for mining, shipbuilding, agriculture and steel construction. Specializes in the trade of fire equipment. Strong point of the company are:

highly qualified personnel with many years of experience in the metal industry and service activities,
well-integrated team staff, and constantly raising the professional qualification,
established market position of undertakings,
the quality of production and services, certified ISO 9001: 2001 for:
production equipment and steel elements for the shipbuilding industry, especially for marine equipment,
production of equipment for mining, especially the valves of scraper conveyors, departure side for combine harvesters and spare parts for the aforementioned. devices,
manufacture of components and steel structures according to orders.
Our crew is an integrated team capable to perform each task, solve possible technical problems and achieve the objective.


Powder coating

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Powder painting technology is a technology consisting in making paint in powder form on metal elements, then curing surface covered with paint at a temperature from 160 ° to 200 °-depending on the type of paint.

Elements so painted are characterized by high resistance to corrosion and showy appearance for a very long period of time.

The paint spotted directly to the surface without the application of Undercoats. Shell so made provide the surfaces smooth, without stains. The thickness of the coating obtained powder once applied to the surface is comparable with four layers of paint solvent. Powder paints are safe for both humans and the environment. Have certificates for contact with food and drinking water.
It is possible to paint items with the following dimensions:
-height to 1300mm,
-width up to 1100mm,
-length 2100mm.

Metal machining

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The company has machinery park consisting of:
- equipment for metal processing (milling machines, lathes, drills)
-guillotine shears to 13 mm
-Bender of sheet metal to 4 mm,
-eccentric presses with pressure up to 250 tonnes,
-Press hydraulic pressure of 100 tonnes,
-cutting machine for thermal cutting and plasma sheet controlled numerically,
-semiautomatic welding liquid-cooled welding MIG/MAG method
-equipment for coating.


Service images Welding nr: 1Service images Welding nr: 2Service images Welding nr: 3
We have an experienced team of employees who perform order different methods.

We specialise in welding methods TIG, MIG and MAG first of them allows you to obtain the highest quality welds in unalloyed steels and carbon steels, stainless steels and other high-alloyed steels. Without the problems we deal with welding sheet metal with a thickness of 0.7 mm. MIG and MAG Methods provide high-efficiency in welding thicker materials. We use them for welding of metal plates, profiles, rods, tubes, and other structural materials.

Method MAG-it is a consumable gas shielded arc welding of chemically active or gaseous mixtures. The name comes from the abbreviation of the English term Metal Active Gas. The essence of the welding process using this method is topieniu in electric arc wire, odwijanego of the drum with a constant speed. Exuding from the nozzle gas (CO2) covers the tip of the wire, and electric arc welding pool against the harmful effects of atmospheric air. Method MAG is used for welding of steel, non-ferrous metals and powych hundred.

MIG-method is arc welding electrode is melted chemically inert-gas shielded iwą (argon, helium). The name comes from the abbreviation of the English term Metal Inert Gas. It is the same as in welding by MAG welding process consists in Essence. topieniu in electric arc wire, odwijane-go with the drum with a constant speed. Exuding from the nozzle gas (Ar, He) covers the tip of the wire, and electric arc welding pool against the harmful effects of atmospheric air. MIG method is used for welding of alloy and non-ferrous metals. Welding by a method MIG found practical application only in the case of aluminium and its alloys and copper

Advantages of MIG/MAG welding:
-the opportunity to observe the welding arc and pool
-the possibility of welding a wide range of materials,
-high performance process
-possibility of mechanization and robotization of the process.