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Promat provides fire protective, vibration, acoustic & thermal insulation solutions for different kinds of boats such as yachts, cruise ships, navals and OSV. Our aim is to provide the best solution depending on each specific requirements. We are able to design a dedicated offer for each project thanks to the expertise of our technical and sales engineers. Our laboratory allows us to test different applications in order to find the best solution for each construction. For decades, we have built an incredible library of test reports and certificates that proves our expertise in fire science and engineering. This strong knowledge is gathered and shared project by project in order to always improve our expertise & knowledge in our field.

Cruise Ships

The value that Promat can provide to Cruise Ship customers is in the low weight & volume performance of their Products, from the Fire Protection solutions, that can achieve up to 30% of weight saving, to the Interiors and Furniture with non combustible core, where savings up to 70% can be expected.
Numerical simulation tools, both in alternative design of Fire Safety and Acoustic, can help the designer at the very early stage in order to optimise space and comfort. Improvement of the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) can also be a goal to achieve by the adoption of Promat Integrated solutions.


With the purpose to meet the most stringent requirements in owner specification as well as fulfil LYC, PYC or SOLAS rules, Promat have developed dedicated solutions by an integrated approach in Fire Protection, Thermal and Acoustic insulation. Promat is also specialised in light and thin solutions for Interiors to meet the special requirement of mega yacht construction.
Promat also hold many certificates in Fire Protection and acoustic capable to prove during the early stage of design phase that the Yacht shall meet the requirements. Additionally, our Fire test laboratory and acoustic reverberant room can be exploited to study specific application to target any need in noise an safety requirement for the benefit of our customers.


Promat can offer an integrated approach due to a wide Solutions portfolio, that will consider both Fire and Acoustic insulation keeping low weight target and saving useful volumes in engine and machinery rooms and living spaces. The performance our products can achieve are capable to improve Fire Protection from Safety to Ship’s Survivability level, exceeding the threshold of commercial standard.
Additionally, our Fire test laboratory and acoustic reverberant room can be exploited to study specific application to target any need in noise and safety requirement for the benefit of our customers, at the very early stage of design.

Offshore Support Vessel

Promat offer solutions in terms of fire safety, acoustics, functionality and comfort.
In cooperation with the customer, Promat can develop special solutions and test this solutions in its own laboratories. After the test in its Fire and or Acoustic labo, Promat's engineers can decide in agreement with the customer to do an official test in an independent laboratory so the construction can be certified. Promat is willing to work with you to fulfil all your needs.