PROMET Majewski, Ziemba, Żarnowski S.J.

PROMET\" steel manufacturer
ul. Dębogórska 34
71-717 Szczecin
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PROMET\" steel manufacturer
Promet is a steel manufacturer offering high quality standard of its work. Through a commitment to meeting our client\'s requirements, the company offers professionalism reflected in every single project considered individually. Our aim is work that leads to satisfaction of our clients.

Promet was established in 1990, and over the years has grown to become recognized manufacturer of steel construction with the strong position in region. Working in construction sector, as well as energy, machine-building and shipbuilding industry, we provide successful manufacturing of steel components. We carried out complete manufacturing of platforms for rescue boats, pedestals and gangway foundations for \"offshore\" platforms, equipment for aluminum foundry (vessels, charge silos, tubs, tools and others), steel components for production line in sawmill, wind measure poles (truss and tube poles high 100m), oil and pressure vessels, water pumps, ventilation pipelines, stacks, hawse holes, manholes, traverses, ladders etc.

We have qualifications GSI SLV-Halle (Klasse E), Grosser Eignungsnachweis (Large Qualification Authorization) Manufacture qualifications for welding of the steel structures according to DIN 18800-7, DIN 4132 (welding processes 111,135,136, material S235, S275, S355) issued in Duisburg, Germany; GL Germanischer Lloyd Certificate - manufacture qualifications for welding of the steel structures of the hulls of ship constructions in methods 111, 135 issued in Hamburg, Germany.