Protea Sp. z o.o.

Galaktyczna 30A
80-299 Gdańsk

PROTEA delivers the following equipment:

• Proteus® Offshore Pedestal Cranes
- RAM, Rope Luffing and King Post type
• BOP Gantry and Semi Gantry Cranes
• Overhead Travelling BOP Cranes Systems
• Offshore Hydraulic Winches
• Offshore Pneumatic Winches
• Pipe Handling Cranes and Equipment
• Offshore Wind Farm Cranes
• Fixed and Travelling Cranes
• Gantry and Portal Cranes
• Mud Tank Systems
• Rig Elevators
• Rails and Bogies
• Trolleys
• A-frames
• Other Deck Offshore Equipment

Protea delivered Proteus® SWL 30mT King Post Offshore Pedestal Cranes for oil production platform in Venezuela.

Protea delivered Cranes for petroleum installation on Caspian Sea on MOPU, with load capacity of 10t and the boom lenght of 25m and FSO with load capacity of 8t and the boom lenght of 18m.

Protea manufactured 20mT Proteus® RAM Luffing Offshore Pedestal Cranes, delivered for Odessa Pipe Lay Vessel Barge, operated on the Black Sea.

Protea offers Offshore BOP (Blow-Out-Preventer) Gantry and Semi Gantry Cranes for the new generation drilling rigs.

80mT BOP Cranes System was designed and manufactured for Oseberg B Drilling Rig. The crane package is an overhead offshore type, electrically driven and controlled. The Package consists of two identical single girder bridge cranes with 2x20mT SWL hoist winches each. BOP Cranes System is specially dedicated to handling low weight BOP’s mainly on platforms operated in the North Sea.

Protea delivers offshore hydraulic and pneumatic winches of various types and sizes.