PRS share in POLSTEAM newbuildings in the years 2005-2012
Date of publication: 01.08.2012

Since the end of June 2012 POLSTEAM has three new bulkcarriers built in Chineese shipyards. Two of them – m/s „Ina” and m/s „Skawa” (16,9 thous. dwt) built in Taizhou, and one – m/s „Gdynia” (38 thous. dwt) constructed in Tianjin shipyard.

Though the maritime sector has been facing difficult times in recent years, POLSTEAM is prospering well and continues to grow. The Szczecin based shipowner successfully continues its programme of fleet renewal projecting 42 new vessels in the years 2005-2013.
By the mid 2012 Chineese shipyards: Xingang Shipbuilding Heavy Industry in Tianjin, Mingde in Nantong, New Times Shipyard in Jingjiang and Sanfu in Taizhou built 38 ships, in four series of twin vessels. PRS participated in all the projects providing supervision together with three other classification societies: Lloyd’s Register, Det Norske Veritas and American Bureau of Shipping.
The biggest series of newbuildings for POLSTEAM was constructed in Xingang shipyard in Tianjin– 18 bulkcarriers of 37.7 t each. The first 13 ships were named after Polish lands and regions e.g. Pomorze, Roztocze, Kaszuby, Mazowsze, Orawa, Kurpie, Kociewie, Polesie. Five vessels are named after Polish towns and cities, with four of them commissioned in 2012 named Wadowice II, Szczecin, Koszalin, Gdynia, Puck.
Two Chinese shipyards –  Mingde and Sanfu built 8 ships each.
Mingde shipyard delivered eight lakers. i.e. ships fit for passage through the locks and canals on St Lawrence River, which lead from the Atlantic to the Great Lakes. These 30 thousand ton vessels are called after Polish lakes: Miedwie, Drawsko, Resko, Wicko, Juno, Lubie, Solina, Mamry.
Another eight ships were launched in Sanfu shipyard in the years 2011-2012. The handysize bulkcarriers (16.9 thous. t), carry the name of Polish rivers: Regalica, Narew, Raba, Olza, Prosna, San, Skawa, Ina.
The shipyard New Times Shipbuilding supplied the biggest vessels for the POLSTEAM fleet in recent years – four big kamsarmax bulkcarriers (80 thous. dwt) named after Polish mountain peaks: Giewont, Ornak, Jawor, Rysy.
The fifth series comprising four big bulkcarriers (82 thous. dwt) are under construction in the Japanese shipyard Tsuneishi. The ships are to be ready for operation in the first quarter of 2013.
Newbuilding supervision always brings a sense of satisfaction. Participation in the development of economic potential of a Polish enterprise involves further positive emotions and contentment.