Przetwórstwo Rybne ŁOSOŚ Sp. z o.o. -

Przetwórstwo Rybne ŁOSOŚ Sp. z o.o.

Włynkówko 49B
76-202 Słupsk 2
Tel.: +48 59 84 72 700 do 703;
Tel./Fax: +48 59 84 72 704


“Przetwórstwo Rybne “ŁOSOŚ” Sp. z o.o. is a place, where the highest quality standards coexist with the tradition.

Over half a century of experience in canned fish production allowed the company to become conspicuous in this field. Thanks to a combination of used ingredients of the highest quality and respect for many years’ tradition, the company produces the most delicious canned fish in Poland.

In order to adjust the range of products to the changing requirements of the competitive markets, the company has invested in quality and plant development for many years. Today “ŁOSOŚ” is working in an innovative production plant, equipped with technologically advanced production lines, with its own cold storage facilities and spacious warehousing.

For each individual employee the compliance to the high standards and quality requirements is the priority,
since the company was established in 1954.

The company meets top quality standards, holds IFS (International Food Standard), BRC (British Retail Consortium – Global Standard Food) certification and meets HACCP standards