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PTS Ltd. was established in 2007 as technical, design and commercial office aimed for supporting performers of ship repairs and conversions. Voyage repairs were offered as well.

Since the beginning of 2009 PTS Ltd has taken over the part of technical and production staff from Poltrampservice Ltd and employed specialists who had quitted Szczecin Shipyard (new ship constructions) and Gryfia Shipyard (repairs, conversions). PTS Ltd has immediately started repairs and conversions of ships. Very soon the scope of offered services has been extended by class and dry-docking repairs. Some repairs that require docking will be carried out after concluding agreements with state-owned shipyards or using slip way for smaller projects.

PTS Ltd. is located and carries out its business within the area of Szczecin harbour. As regards to Szczecin port, the Company is located on the grounds of Makrum - Pomerania Shipyard where it rents areas and workshops necessary for building small vessels and ship repairs. It rents a fitting-out berth there for time of repair works.

“PTS’s full-time staff consists of about 40 engineers, technicians, welders, steel fitters and other high qualified specialists and, it can employ such a necessary number of employees for performance of bigger projects, as needed.”

During a/m short period, prestige of PTS is still growing. The company is recognised as effective, liable and responsible, which provides repairs and conversions for Polish, Norwegian and Icelandic customers.

Wide extent of our staff’s experience, well-equipped workshops and, our skilled and efficient team, enables the company to perform repair works of best quality, high efficiency with affordable prices as well. Our prime location in the heart of Polish port Szczecin makes possible to minimise a time of a ship stay during its repair. All repair works are performed according to the rules and standards of all major international Class Societies and National Maritime Authorities. Call us for a free inspection and quote the next time you have a repair problem needing fast attention. You will be satisfied with quality and tempo of our work.

Enthusiastic involvement is the best expression to describe attitude of PTS employees towards your voyage repair needs. Multi-skilled teams are in alert to undertake a complete range of inspections, overhauls and repairs in Polish and European ports during voyages. PTS can provide an immediate response to any urgent repairs and a flexible size of manpower as well in order to assist in larger refit and conversion programmes in any location.

Our skilled repair teams are experts in all marine disciplines including: machinery, piping , steel renewal , electrical works, rigging, blasting and coating.

They have decades of professional experience in solving many marine repair problems from small tugs and barges to large ocean going vessels. Keeping deadlines of orders is our asset, too. So we look forward to being of service to you and we can offer:class, intermediate and emergency repairs major steelwork replacement, renewal of standard grade steel, high tensity steel, stainless steel as well as aluminium. New steel constructions.hull, holds and tanks - sand blasting , hydro blasting and painting piping systems - seawater, fire, fuel, hydraulic and others main engines, diesel generators, auxiliaries and ship machinery repairs boilers - cleaning, re-tubing reconditioning of spare parts non destructive testing electrical works outfitting works building of steel hulls and building of small, full equipped vessels