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Rombex Sp. z o.o.

Non-ferrous Metals Foundry
ul. Na Ostrowiu 1
80 - 958 GDAŃSK
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48 58 307 12 02


Our company Z.P.U. „Rombex” Sp. z o.o. was founded in 1989 and exists since then as a non-ferrous metals foundry. At present it is located on the Ostrow island in the area Gdansk Shiprepair Yard REMONTOWA and in the vicinity of Gdansk Shipyard and Northern Shipyard.

Our company’s specific location makes both production and services provided by Rombex focused primarily on meeting the needs of the shipyard industry. Over years that has resulted in gaining extensive experience in this branch of industry to successfully use providing services also for other, especially the railway and engineering industries.

Since the beginning of our presence on the market we are willing to cooperate with artists wishing to consolidate their work in bronze or brass. Thus we gained much experience in art casting and bronze sculptures made in our foundry adorn cities all over Poland and abroad.

In November 2009 we’ve opened in our foundry a precision casting production line based on lost wax technology, also called by its French name cire perdue. Having that production line allows us to cast parts of the most complicated shapes with precise mapping of even the smallest detail of the model.

Our company has also ability to carry out the analysis of chemical composition of non-ferrous metals using portable X-ray spectrometer NITON XLt.

We we have a certificate of RECOGNITION FOR BV MODE II SCHEME issued by BUREAU VERITAS with a range of recognition including: manufacture of centrifugal bushings of external diameter from 80 to 900 mm, manufacture of zinc anodes, precision casting, casting for slide bearing shells and chemical analysis of metals using X-ray spectrometer.


- centrifugal bushings – external diameter range Ø80 ÷ Ø900mm, made of copper alloys (bronze, brass), aluminum and zinc alloys ;
- zinc anodes – shaped in accordance with our catalogue polish and international standards and variety of catalogues ;
- precision casting- using lost wax technology ;
- lead keels and ballasts ;
- permanent mould and sand casting; using copper alloys (brass, bronze), aluminum and zinc alloys ;
- casting from pattern of any shape or damaged element; using copper alloys (brass, bronze), aluminum and zinc alloys ;
- art casting, commemoration plaques, ship bells, etc.
- bronze statues ;

We use only the highest quality non-ferrous metal alloys of precisely specified chemical constitution. We also provide chemical constitution certificates.

- casting with bearing metal - including full reneration of used up bearing liners ;
- fitting and welding services – non-ferrous metals welding ;
- spectroscopic analysis using NITON XLt spectrometer– specifying chemical constitution of metals ;

Bushings - chief product of Z. P. U. “Rombex” Sp. z o.o.
We produce bushings formed by centrifugal casting from Ø80 to Ø900mm external diameter made of copper alloys (bronze, brass), aluminum and zinc alloys.

Centrifugal casting consist in utilizing centrifugal force in the forming process. Comparing to sleeves cast with traditional gravity method those formed by centrifugal casting have following advantages:
- better hardness and plastic properties ;
- more solid structure, better degassing ;
- better dynamic and static strength ;
- better abrasion resistance;

Our products go to our clients after roughing.

We have a certificate of recognition issued by BUREAU VERITAS applying to manufacture of centrifugal bushings of external diameter range Ø 80 ÷ Ø 900 mm, cast of copper (bronze, brass), aluminum and zinc alloys.