Ruroserw P.P.U.H. inż. Ryszard Szmit -

Ruroserw P.P.U.H. inż. Ryszard Szmit

Marynarki Polskiej 59
80-557 Gdańsk
58 342 19 91/92
58 342 19 93


Production, Service and Trade Company RUROSERW, inż. Ryszard Szmit was established in 1989. The Company started its activity from services in shiprepairing industry. During several years of fruitful activity the Company has been developing and expanding its scope of production. Today Ruroserw can offer a wide range of services: starting from shiprepairing, newbulidings up to prefabrication, fitting and mounting of steel construction for civil engineering. RUROSERW Company posses offices and workshops at its own premises in Gdansk at Marynarki Polskiej Street, just next to Port of Gdansk. RUROSERW Company has over 200 employees of various trades. Thanks to high qualified staff, middle supervisory staff and good professional level of workers RUROSERW establishes a good relations with many polish as well as with foreign companies. RUROSERW cooperates with many Polish and foreign shipowners, among them are:

- Polish Stemaship Company
- Polish Baltic Shipping Company
- Euroafrica Shipping Lines
- Unity Line
- Stena Line


In scope of RUROSERW's activity is:

•repairing and newbuilding of ships in scope of:
- hull jobs,
- pipe and hydraulic,
- locksmitting,
- welding jobs,
- mechanical,
- electrical
- power hydraulics

•prefabrication, fitting and welding on a site of steel constructions for civil engineering, hall, fence and gate constructions
•design jobs


RUROSERW cooperates with many Polish and foreign shipowners, among them are: :
•Polish Steamship Company
•Polish Baltic Shipping Company
•Euroafrica Shipping Lines
•Unity Line
•Stena Line
•Redeerei Andre Wieczorek
•Refi Regnskap A/S
We cooperate with many shipowners in scope of maintenance, running and damage repairs, classification surveys, conversions special prompt ship repair services during loading and discharging of ship, repairs of marine equipment manufacture of spare parts