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RYANS Ship Supply LTD

Kornela Ujejskiego 20A
81-405 Gdynia
+48 888 575 751


RYANS Ship Supply LTD is a carefully selected team who are both committed and energetic in their actions and, most important, have experience from working in the merchant and offshore fleet. The knowledge of the marine industry prepares us both for addressing the expectations of our clients and solving problems they face when using supply services. This in turn has enabled us to deliver new and better quality in the way we render services.

We collaborate with renowned suppliers and manufacturers who have been supplying the marine industry for many years. As a consequence, we can guarantee the satisfaction with the goods and services we provide. Your satisfaction is our priority; therefore, we continually extend the scope of our services to make them more comprehensive.

We work with catalogues by IMPA, ISSA, RS, Luna, Elfa Distrelec, and Conrad. Nevertheless, we also realize orders without a catalogue specification.


We supply our clients comprehensively equipping the machine, on-board, navigational and kitchen departments with the hotel.

Cooperation with the largest producers of equipment for the maritime industry gives us the opportunity to offer you the widest offer on the market while guaranteeing an attractive price. Permanent business relationships with these manufacturers are also a guarantee of a short delivery time to ports throughout Europe. We know how important time is in the maritime industry.

We offer, among others:
- genuine parts for marine engines - reconditioned;
- components and electrical parts;
- pumps;
- filters;
- valves;
- industrial hoses;
- automation and control components;
- measuring equipment;
- rescue and protective equipment;
- a full range of consumables;
- food, meat, etc .;
- galley and cabins equipment.

We provide various services in the Polish ports:
- repair and reconstruction of electrical systems;
- welding, construction and repair work;
- repair of refrigeration and air conditioning systems;
- calibration of measuring devices;
- inspections and repairs of fire protection systems;
- fire-fighting equipment inspections;
- cleaning tanks and boilers;
- renting and construction of scaffoldings;
- legal support;
- transport of crews with premium class cars.