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Ship repair.
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Sea Horse Ltd. works in maritime industry since July 2005. Our main activities are: repairs and vessels maintenance, class overhauls, spare parts delivery, technical consulting, ship repairs assistance. We also offer service of qualified traveling repair teams, dedicated to individual needs of the Shipowner.

We specialize in following works:

- consulting; concept projects for rebuilding all types of vessels – according to current regulations and adapting to former regulations (change of ships dimensions, class, function),

- docking of the vessels (length - up to 150 m),

- inspections and repairs of Main Engines, electric generators, fuel pumps, fuel injection valves, speed governors, electric motors,

- mega tests,

- repairs and maintenance of main shafts and propellers,

- repairs, modernization and service of electrical units, repairs of electric installations,

- repair, maintenance and modernization of vessel automation system,

- repair and maintenance of refrigeration units and systems, ventilation and air-conditioning units and systems,

- repair and change of ship’s construction, hull works, including change of plates, hull and hold plating, cleaning, sand-blasting, painting, maintenance and mechanical works,

- carpenter works, design and selection of ships furniture,

- repairs of onboard equipment

- repairs of boilers, steam systems,

- spare parts delivery.

Reconstructions, maintenance and repairs of the ships are conducted during ship’s staying in Polish shipyards. We can also work in other harbours all over the world as well as at sailing Vessels.

Depending on the scope of repairs, we can offer you interesting conditions and discounts.

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