Seagull Marine

Marine equipment and spare parts.
ul. Syriusza 55
80-299 Gdańsk
tel. +48 58 522 96 90
tel/fax.+48 58 554 60 80


Seagull Marine is a flexible and quick-responding company specializing in the supply of new and reconditioned spare parts as well as repairs and consulting. We are able to deliver a comprehensive and varied supply of spare parts for engines, compressors, pumps,separators and turbo-chargers.

We support our customers in handling even the most difficult or emergency cases because we are able to outsource actual parts and replacement equipment worldwide.

Seagull Marine is based on its founder's 20 years of international experience in the marine business as a supplier of spare parts and as a Purchasing Manager.

The company is located in the seaport city of Gdansk in Poland, a country with an impressive shipbuilding tradition. Poland offers a highly skilled and experienced workforce - both engineering and labour. Seagull Marine can offer various and competitive solutions to challenges involving ship repair.Moreover, the Polish flying squadron can board the ship at any port throughout the world.

As a new member of the European Union, Poland is now a very attractive location for business ventures - with all business regulations adhering to international standards, with no customs barriers and with full access to all international supply chains.

Seagull Marine welcomes receiving your enquiries. We look forward to sharing with you our capabilities to make your business venture a success.