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1st Mare Forum Poland 2016
Date of publication: 18.09.2016

Following the very successful conferences held around the globe, MARE FORUM is pleased to announce the occurrence of the 1st Mare Forum Poland 2016 to be held in Sopot on 21 st September 2016.

This event will accentuate and promote the importance of the development of the Maritime and Shipping sector in Poland and its growing recognition as a global maritime centre and a very important nodal point in the Baltic Area, Europe and the World. Analyzing Poland’s significant role in the region, in Europe and the world, the current and future trade and shipping trends, the conference will examine the future of the promising Maritime Cluster and maritime hub of Poland and the Baltics. It will examine the dynamics of today and by focusing on 2030 explore how Poland will look like in the next 15 years and beyond, and what strategies and goals for this sector will come into play, including topics relating to shipping, shipbuilding yachting, logistics, taxes, finance, shipping law, ship repair, manufacturing, tourism, port and terminals and crew manning services industries. The entire local and international maritime supply chain will gather at this distinguished event where the exchange of information and ideas will provide for a great conference experience. This will all take place in an open, stimulating, free flowing and attractive environment combined with informal discussions which once again will demonstrate the successful hallmark of the Mare Forum formula. Views will be shared and debated by shipowners and shipoperators, shipbuilders and ship repairers, equipment manufacturers, crew manning agents, industry associations, charterers, traders, analysts, bankers, consultants and entrepreneurs, classification societies, policymakers, regulators, maritime lawyers, port and terminal operators, yacht owners and yacht services representatives, the media and other members of the maritime community from the region and all over the world who will take an active part at this prestigious conference. The conference will provide an interactive forum to participants to network, learn, discuss and debate all contemporary and future themes in the shipping, marine, yachting and maritime industries in Poland, the Baltics Area and Europe. The Mare Forum conferences are considered by many to be among the most global and influential forums for the maritime and shipping industry. Currently events are held in Europe, North and South America, SouthEast Asia and the Middle East. If you are interested in global maritime, shipping and yachting business, and if you want to know what’s next in the Poland, the Baltic area, Europe and the world we invite you to attend the 1st Mare Forum Poland 2016 and help establish it as a regular event in the global agenda. You will find your answers here. Together with a very high profile international audience, participants will plunge in a pool of booming business and new network opportunities, with focus on Poland and the Baltic region but with a global reach.

Info and registration: http://poland2016.mareforum.com/home