Cargo handling continuously growing at ports Szczecin-Swinoujscie -
Cargo handling continuously growing at ports Szczecin-Swinoujscie
Date of publication: 28.10.2017

Nearly 19 m tons of cargo have been handled by port operators at quays under the administration of the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority. It accounts for 6.3 percent increase comparing to the previous year.

Almost all cargo groups have noted growth, i.e. oil (+58.1 percent), ore (+54.7 percent), other bulk (+10.4 percent), general cargo (+3.7 percent). In the case of oil, the increase in imports from Russia was notable, as well as increase in exports of oil products to Benelux, as well as larger import of Diesel oil and export of oil. An increase in this cargo group is the result of gas import from Qatar and Norway. The growing ore handling resulted from increased demand among Polish and Czech steel mills for iron ore to be able to produce more steel. As regards other bulk, this year, port operators handled more ships importing methanol, pig iron, fertilisers and aggregate, and exporting fertilisers, tar, pitch and scrap metal. Larger handling of imported wood pulp, aluminium, and steel products as well as exported steel products, containerised general cargo, and growing ferry transport account for the increase in the group of general cargo.

The increase in container handling has continued. Comparing with the previous year, container handling grew by 6.9 percent.

Reduced cargo handling remains in such cargo groups as coal (-33.8 percent) and grain (-24.7 percent). In the case of coal, the downward trend has continued for several years. On the one hand, it results from lower demand for coal, and on the other, it is a consequence of limited technical parameters of the fairway (depth of 10.5 m) and the facts that larger vessels tend to choose other ports. The decrease in grain handling is the result of poor yield this year and reduced demand for soybean meal.

Comparing with a corresponding month last year, cargo handling in September this year was better by nearly 9 percent. An increase had been noted in such groups as ore (+137.4 percent), other bulk (+20.9 percent), oil (+22.5 percent), containers (+7.2 percent) and general cargo (+1.5 percent). Negative figures have noted regarding the handling of coal (-31.6 percent) and grain (-5.5 percent).

The universal profile of ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście is the guarantee of stability in cargo handling. A decrease in one cargo group is compensated by an increase in another. Nevertheless, to maintain a growing trend, it is necessary to invest in access and port infrastructure. In the upcoming years, investment in the two areas is expected to exceed three billion Polish zlotys. This comprises both investment by the Ports Authority and other organisations, such as the Maritime Office of Szczecin and PKP PLK