Construction of a gateway to Polish ports will start in 2022? -
Construction of a gateway to Polish ports will start in 2022?
Date of publication: 15.05.2020

Construction of the investment worth over PLN 200 million, i.e. a dry port in Zajączków Tczewski, may start in 2022. We have found that RFP for a construction project was sent this week.

The  main  problems  seaports  face  today,  as  a  result  of  growing  containerized transport, are lack of space at seaport terminals and increased bottlenecks in the land-side transport system serving the seaports. For some seaports  the  weakest  link  in  their  transport  chain  is  their  back  door,  where  congested roads or inadequate connections cause delays and raise transport costs.  Therefore,  the  strategic  decision  would  be  the  implementation  of  rail  and improved inland intermodal terminals serving seaports. One of key investments in this sector in Poland can be a dry port in Zajączków Tczewski.

"The process has already started, next spring we plan to complete the design process and obtain a building permit," Robert Krzemiński, Project Manager ICY Tczew said.

CY is planned as the multimodal logistics hub – consolidation and distribution center for containers flows of the Baltic Adriatic Corridor. This modern infrastructure will be located in:

Pomeranian Province, located near to the motorway A1 and the main railway junction – corridor E65. The distance to Gdynia – 60 km, to Gdańsk – 30 km.

ICY is an unique investment for Central – Eastern Europe to ensure:

    - improvement of the railway and road line capacity in Baltic- Adriatic Corridor
    - hundreds of new companies and workplaces in the region
    - improvement of the communication availability of Gdynia and Gdańsk seaports
    - new quality in handling containerized cargo

The construction of the investment will be carried out by PCC Intermodal SA. The construction was to begin a few years earlier, but as Robert Krzemiński said: "Delays were associated, among others, with painstaking formal and documentary work. This is a huge investment that will significantly affect development of the region and create new jobs.  We will apply for funding this investments from EU funds. If everything goes according to plan, we will start construction works at the beginning of 2022".

Current parameters:

    - total area: 60 hectares, including intermodal terminal and logistics center
    - operational area of the intermodal terminal: 25 ha
    - warehouses and production zone
    - estimated annual handling capacity of the terminal: over 1 million TEU
    - storage capacity of the terminal: 20.000 TEU
    - railway sidings supported by reachstackers and gantry cranes
    - workshop for repair and restoration of containers
    - current connections for reefers and isotherms
    - customs agencies, forwarders