Deepwater Container Terminal secured by Polish Prime Minister -
Deepwater Container Terminal secured by Polish Prime Minister
Date of publication: 18.06.2021

The construction of a deep-water container port is a great opportunity for Szczecin and Świnoujście – said Mateusz Morawiecki, Polish Prime Minister, during the conference held in the port of Szczecin. The Prime Minister also stressed the need to improve the parameters of the fairway leading to the port of Świnoujście, by deepening it to 17 m and widening to 500 m. The guarantee of the implementation of these strategic investments is their insertion in “Polski Ład”, the government's economic and social development program for the country.

It is no accident that the Prime Minister of the Polish Government spoke about the importance of the Western Pomeranian Region for the country's development strategy at the conference held in the Port of Szczecin. This region shall be transferred into technological and energetical hub. These functions are indicated by investments which are implemented here for the last 5 years. They will be complemented by further strategic projects performed with government’s guarantees, in the area of maritime economy and port services.

Port investments

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of logical and coherent activities performed in Western Pomerania. He stressed the significance of the largest chemical investment in Poland and this part of Europe – Polymers Police. Above all, however, he focused on infrastructure investments in the maritime economy. He spoke about development of the LNG terminal, which is becoming one of the main gas supply points for Poland. He pointed at the modernization of the fairway between Szczecin and Świnoujście which shall be completed soon. In particular, the Prime Minister focused on the project of a deep-water container terminal in Świnoujście, and access to the port from the sea side. He stressed the huge development potential of this investment for Szczecin - Świnoujście port complex.

- The new port of Świnoujście requires also the deepening of the fairway from the sea side to a depth of 17 m and widening it to 500 m, so that ships, container ships can pass each other - said the Prime Minister. - Analytical work has been done, we are ready for that massive investment. The new terminal means the possibility of handling of 1.5 million TEU in Świnoujście, and thus additional revenues to the budget, the acquisition of part of international trade, etc.

The Prime Minister recalled that presently maritime trade accounts for 90% of the total global trade in goods.


- Huge industrial investments need very efficient transport infrastructure, which is associated with a good road and railway system – stressed the Polish government’s Prime Minister, pointing to the next strategic transport project, that is over 50 km western ring road of Szczecin and Police, including more than 5 km tunnel under the Odra river, the longest in Poland. The cost of the investment is estimated at PLN 5.5 billion.
- It will be a ring road around Szczecin, a communication ring that will increase the chances of new economic ventures in Szczecin and the region – said the head of the government. - In the next few weeks we will announce opening of the tender, and in the next twenty months construction works will begin.

Mateusz Morawiecki also mentioned S10 road - another very important communication investment connecting Western Pomerania with central Poland and Warsaw, via Stargard, Wałcz, Piła, Bydgoszcz and Toruń.
- This road will also create new economic prospects for the inhabitants and entrepreneurs of Western Pomerania - he added.

Time for investors

The infrastructure system is completed by giant railway investments carried out in the port complex. At a conference with the Prime Minister, Minister Marek Gróbarczyk referred to the modernisation of the railway network in both ports with value of PLN 1.5 billion carried out by PKP PLK, and also about the infrastructure investments of the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority, which will absorb a similar amount of money. The Minister also pointed out to the reconstruction of the bridge in Podjuchy, which is due to be completed in 2023. Thanks to this, the Oder Waterway will meet the requirements of the international class. This artery is also of great importance for the planned deep-water container terminal in Świnoujście, because it will communicate the port with the hinterland along the Odra river and in Central Europe.

The recognition of port investments in “Polski Ład” and the government financial guarantees for these projects are of fundamental importance to investors, as they reduce the risks associated with the capital involvement in the planned investments.