Development of Offshore Wind Energy in Poland -
Development of Offshore Wind Energy in Poland
Date of publication: 13.07.2020

A letter of intent was signed in the Ministry of Climate on cooperation in the development of offshore wind energy. The initiative is to develop the offshore market in Poland.

The parties to the agreement are the Minister of Climate, the Minister of National Defence, the Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, the Government Plenipotentiary for RES and the Plenipotentiary of the Minister of State Assets for the Development of Offshore Wind Energy, as well as representatives of investors and industry - the Polish Wind Energy Association and the Polish Offshore Wind Energy Association.

Representatives of the government of the Republic of Poland and entrepreneurs from the offshore wind energy sector begin cooperation, which will result in the development, signing and implementation of the so-called "Polish Offshore Sector Deal", i.e. the "Declaration of Cooperation for the Development of Offshore Wind Energy in Poland" by representatives of the government of the Republic of Poland, investors and entities participating in the supply chain for offshore wind energy.

The implementation of offshore wind farms is an opportunity for Poland's economic development by taking advantage of the energy potential of the Baltic Sea, which at the same time will guarantee the country's energy security and support the decarbonisation process.

"We will all do our best to achieve this. We are experienced in onshore handling of wind farm constructions, carried out on container terminal sites and have the advantage of a convenient location. Thinking about renewable energy sources in the green port concept, we have secured an area for the offshore wind sector at the end of the Outer Port. The local content issue must also be kept in mind. Offshore development brings great opportunities to support local production and service businesses involved in the supply chain, as well as to build a high position of Polish entrepreneurs in the regional, European and global value chain of offshore wind Energy," - comments Adam Meller, President of Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

The agreement signing is particularly important for the Port of Gdynia, which will become an installation port for Polish wind farms on the Baltic Sea. The Port of Gdynia, being the the closest location (from the eastern side) to the maritime areas intended for the location of the wind farms meets all navigation conditions for the service of jack-up and dynamic positioning installation vessels. Moreover, as the only one in Poland, it conducts research aimed at the development of the offshore sector, in particular the creation of facilities for servicing elements of offshore wind farms, as well as actively participates in the creation of local facilities covering the communes of Kosakowo, Rumia and the City and Municipality of Gdynia (in 2019 a Letter of Intent on cooperation was signed).

Polish offshore wind farms in the Baltic have a chance to play a key role in Poland's energy transformation to a low-carbon economy. Expert calculations show that the installation of 6 GW offshore wind farms by 2030 will create 77,000 jobs across the country, generate about PLN 60 billion of value added to GDP and 15 billion of CIT and VAT revenues. These will be gigantic investments, worth billions of zlotys, which require an appropriate port and extensive onshore industrial and service hinterland.