Key Polish Trade Hub DCT Gdansk Maintains Operations -
Key Polish Trade Hub DCT Gdansk Maintains Operations
Date of publication: 10.04.2020

Thanks to the dedication of the team at DCT Gdansk, this key hub in the Polish economic supply chain continues to operate whilst ensuring that the safety of the company’s employees, their families, customers and suppliers forms a central part of its planning; as it has done since the beginning of the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak.

In order to minimize workplace risk, the company has ensured widespread availability of information and guidelines for preventing infection and has launched a 24-hour hotline for employees regarding COVID-19.

For vessel arrivals, DCT Gdansk follows the guidelines and recommendations of the Sanitary Inspection and the Border Guard. In addition, the terminal is in constant contact with the Harbour Master, who issues the decision to allow ships to enter the port or not. Border and sanitary controls have been put in place to check all ship crew members entering ports and they are subject to mandatory body temperature checking. The procedure is carried out by the Border Guard with the assistance of the Fire Department. Contact between the crew and DCT employees is also limited and masks are used if that contact is required in an enclosed space.

In addition, the company has introduced the disinfecting of workstations and equipment with sanitizers available in each piece of terminal equipment. The administration building and general areas are sanitized daily. All employees who wish to do so receive disposable gloves. Wherever possible office staff are working from home and during this time the company has suspended all visits to the terminal. There are mandatory temperature measurements for all staff or visitors entering DCT and there is an hour break between shift changes to minimize the risk of employees coming into contact with each other.

Despite these restrictions, DCT has been able to maintain full berth operations to handle ships bringing vital goods to Poland and ensuring Polish exports continue to move. The fully automated gate process helps keep a high number of daily truck visits possible, by using procedures that limit direct contact between the truck drivers and DCT employees. All activities related to truck arrival can now be done via the company’s e.BRAMA internet system, by e-mail or by phone. The same process is followed for trains, so that key goods can continue to move ensuring that despite the lockdown, foodstuffs, medical supplies as well as goods for trade can continue to move.

Now more than ever, people’s livelihoods are dependent on keeping the logistics supply chains open. Sustaining port operations is crucial for the economy both now and for future recovery and DCT Gdansk is focused on ensuring terminal operations remain on-going whilst respecting the health and safety of our employees and clients.

” By working together, we will find the best solutions to overcome these challenging conditions. I would like to thank all our employees for their commitment and so readily adjusting to these new requirements. DCT handles 60% of containerised imports and exports to Poland and is therefore a vital part of the logistics supply chain. We will continue to be vigilant and take appropriate precautionary measures to ensure DCT continues to operate. ” – says Cameron Thorpe, CEO of DCT Gdansk S.A.

“We are all aware that the strong actions of the government will be beneficial, however the positive impact of these actions will take some time to be felt. We are very aware of the dynamics of the current situation with COVID-19 and how around the world the necessary measures to combat this pandemic will have a large impact on the global economy. The shipping industry and logistics in general will undoubtedly be affected by the economic downturn” – adds Adam Żołnowski, CFO of DCT Gdansk.

“We will make every effort to minimize the risk of COVID-19 spreading like any responsible company in Poland and worldwide. However, we are also aware of our role for the Polish economy. The government has not closed businesses and certain businesses – food, pharmaceuticals and logistics – have been highlighted as essential and would like to thank the drivers coming to DCT Gdansk for their understanding and all of our customers for their continued support” – sums up Dominik Landa, Commercial Director of DCT Gdansk.

At DCT, we know how important it is at this time to support and help others in our community in the fight against COVID-19, especially senior citizens and our heroes in the medical industry. As part of our social responsibility action called #logististicsheros for #medicalheros, we financially supported the Polish Red Cross to purchase medical equipment for hospitals, as well as the University Centre of Marine and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia. Additionally, we have joined the “A Meal for a medic” campaign of the Foundation for Social Innovation, as well as the “A Meal for Effort” program of the Gdańsk Foundation for Economic Development, in which we will support people from the neighborhood most vulnerable in connection with the current pandemic, at the same time helping catering bars to survive.