New containership service at Port Gdańsk -
New containership service at Port Gdańsk
Date of publication: 08.09.2019

A new regular container line has appeared at the Szczecin Quay in the Port of Gdansk. The Samskip shipowner introduces a weekly connection between Gdansk and the ports of Denmark and Norway. Cargo handling will be carried out by Port Gdański Eksploatacja.

The Szczecinskie Quay at the Port of Gdansk, thanks to the cooperation of the Port of Gdansk Operations and Samskip, will operate a container connection between Scandinavia and Poland. Frozen fish will be transported in Skamsips containers to Gdańsk, while the ship will take building materials and consumer goods for export. The service is also adapted to handle oversized loads on specialized containers.

- Giving life to the inner part of the Port of Gdansk is one of our priorities. That is why we are rebuilding the quays along the Dead Vistula and deepening the port channel. This is a particularly sensitive place of the Port - with certain possibilities due to its depth and width. We are pleased that PGE's cooperation with Samskip has a significant share in this revival. It shows that containers can be reloaded not only in the deepwater part of the Port - explains Marcin Osowski, Vice President of the Port of Gdansk Authority for Infrastructure.

Two Samskip units will take turns at the Szczecinskie Quay - one ship will appear at the Port of Gdansk every Friday.

- Choosing a calling place for containership is not accidental. Transport offered by Samskip will compete with road transport. As the main transhipment operator at the Port of Gdansk in the Inner Port, we can shape logistics processes. We believe that for the Port of Gdansk, for Samskip and for PGE it will be the beginning of fruitful and long-term cooperation - explains Radosław Stojek, President of PGE

The service is carried out to Oslo, Aarhus, Tananger, Bergen and Alesund, where Samskip has a refrigeration hub. The port of Aarhus in Denmark is a place of transhipment of goods to container service to Reykjavik. The next stop on the Scandinavian-Polish route will be Hamburg, from which the container ship will enter the Baltic via the Kiel Canal.

- We are pleased to be able to offer our clients the first multimodal product from the Baltic to Norway with this range. Norway is a very large country, where the cost of transport is often high. The maritime service from Gdańsk, under which Samskip carries out door-to-door deliveries, is an alternative to road transport because of the time of transport, favorable cost structure and less harmfulness to the environment. We hope that the service will help in the further expansion of Polish exporters in Norway - sums up Filip Chajęcki, Managing Director of Samskip in Poland.

Samskip is based in Iceland, while the head office is located in Rotterdam. The company's management has already noticed the opportunities offered by cooperation with the Port of Gdansk. The consequence of this was the opening of a sales office in Gdańsk in 2017. The company carries out transports from Poland on trade lines to Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway, Denmark and other European countries.