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OT Port Świnoujście: not only bulk
Date of publication: 30.10.2021

OT Port Świnoujście proves that it is a multi-purpose terminal which, apart from handling bulk cargo, can handle general cargo equally well. In recent days, at the Chemików Wharf, the first ship with sacked rice was handled for two of the market's leading importers.

14 thousand tonnes of rice in 50 kg bags formed in the so-called slings (1.5 tonne each) was delivered to the port by the m/v Rek Grace vessel. Unloading takes place with the use of ship cranes. The goods are food cargo, sensitive to weather conditions, therefore their handling must take place in a dry and closed warehouse.

To meet customer requirements and safely perform the service, OT Port Świnoujście has equipped itself with specialized telescopic pavers with gas and electric systems, which are dedicated to work with sensitive loads, including food. The rice will be picked up from the warehouse by trucks to finally reach the final recipient on time.

The freight forwarder responsible for the entire logistic process is Rentrans Cargo, a company belonging to the OT Logistics Captain Group. In line with the assumptions of its strategy, OT Port Świnoujście adjusts its business profile to market conditions, thus becoming a universal port terminal.

About OT Port Świnoujście

OT Port Świnoujście SA is a dynamically developing universal port, providing reloading and storage services for dry bulk cargo, i.e. coal, coke, iron ore, biomass, forest products, grain and general cargo, i.e. steel products, structures, heavy items up to 250 tons, palletized loads, big bags and containers in the conventional lo-lo technology. In addition, the company also provides rail, barge and forwarding services, as well as additional port services, such as container forming and demoulding, weighing, packaging, sorting, storage, mixing or crushing of bulk cargo. The annual transshipment potential of the entire terminal is 6 million tons.