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Polsteam Selects KVH mini-VSAT Broadband Service for Maritime Connectivity on 60-vessel Fleet
Date of publication: 05.06.2015

Polsteam, one of Europe’s largest operators of bulk carriers, has selected the mini-VSAT Broadband service from KVH Industries, Inc., (Nasdaq: KVHI) as its satellite communications solution. Polsteam, which is officially known as Polska Zegluga Morska, intends to install the TracPhone V7-IP satellite communications systems on 60 vessels.

“Onboard data applications that rely on broadband connectivity are offering exciting solutions for enhancing operational efficiency, managing operating expenses, meeting international regulations, and creating a better onboard life for officers and crew,” says Leszek Trachimowicz, Technical Director of Polsteam. “We are dedicated to ensuring that our vessels are realizing all the benefits of connectivity at sea, and we value the speed, reliability, and coverage that come with the KVH maritime connectivity solution.”

Technical support and installation of the KVH maritime VSAT systems for Polsteam’s vessels will be executed by EPA Marine, which is based in Szczecin, Poland. EPA Marine’s team of highly qualified engineers specializes in installation and commissioning of maritime communications and navigational equipment.

KVH is the dominant player in the global maritime VSAT market, according to a recent industry report by Comsys showing that more vessels are equipped with KVH mini-VSAT Broadband service than the next two maritime VSAT competitors combined. KVH and its technology partner, ViaSat, Inc., (Nasdaq: VSAT) use ArcLight spread spectrum technology to deliver fast broadband service, with Internet download speeds up to 4 Mbps. With its enterprise-grade infrastructure, the mini-VSAT Broadband network carried 500 TB of data and 25 million voice minutes in 2014.

“We have created a truly next-generation maritime broadband system that delivers fast, high quality VSAT service on a global basis, which is vital for companies operating in today’s competitive maritime industry,” says Brent Bruun, KVH executive vice president of mobile broadband. “Access to broadband connectivity and real-time data is a differentiator for maritime operators, and we are extremely pleased to be working with Polsteam to bring advanced broadband service to their vessels.”

Designed exclusively for the mini-VSAT Broadband network, KVH’s unique TracPhone V-IP satellite communications antenna systems are built 85% smaller than typical VSAT antennas to install more easily on all vessels. The TracPhone line offers multiple antenna sizes ranging from the 37 cm diameter TracPhone V3-IP, to the 60 cm diameter TracPhone V7-IP, and the 1.1 meter diameter TracPhone V11-IP. KVH recently shipped its 5,000th TracPhone system for the mini-VSAT Broadband service.

To further help maritime operators meet the challenge of the increasing reliance on broadband by both crew and operations, KVH recently introduced the IP-MobileCastTM content delivery service. This multicasting service uses the mini-VSAT Broadband network to deliver a separate data stream of news, sports, entertainment, and training content to improve the quality of life for crew members onboard commercial vessels. The IP-MobileCast service also delivers operational data such as electronic chart updates and weather information to help optimize fleet performance.

About Polsteam
Polsteam, known as Polska Zegluga Morska, is one of the largest dry bulk shipowners in Europe, operating a global fleet that transports approximately 20 million tons of cargo annually. A state-owned national entity with a leading role in the international shipping market, Polsteam is located in Szczecin, Poland, a major seaport of the Baltic Sea. Polsteam currently operates more than 60 vessels transiting global shipping routes in the Baltic Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Pacific Ocean, and Atlantic Ocean.

About KVH Industries, Inc.
KVH Industries is a leading provider of in-motion satellite TV and communications systems, having designed, manufactured, and sold more than 175,000 mobile satellite antennas for applications on vessels, vehicles, and aircraft. KVH is also a leading news, music, and entertainment content provider to many industries including maritime, retail, and leisure. Videotel, a KVH company, is a leading provider of maritime training. KVH is based in Middletown, RI, with research, development, and manufacturing operations in Middletown, RI, and Tinley Park, IL. The company’s global presence includes offices in Belgium, Brazil, Cyprus, Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.