The Port of Gdansk summarized the year 2020. Despite the crisis, it handled 48 million tons, and the investment pace is not slowing down -
The Port of Gdansk summarized the year 2020. Despite the crisis, it handled 48 million tons, and the investment pace is not slowing down
Date of publication: 31.03.2021

In 2020, 48 million tons of cargo were handled at the Port of Gdansk. Despite a correction by 7.9 percent, 2020 must be considered stable. In such a difficult time, the Gdansk port was among the 20 largest European ports, ahead of the port in Genoa and the port in Dunkirk, and in January it entered the podium as the third largest port in the Baltic Sea.

- 2020 was a difficult and demanding year. Despite the global crisis, we managed to maintain the continuity of reloading and satisfactory results. At this point, it is worth appreciating the work of all terminals operating in our port, which passed this difficult exam - said Łukasz Greinke, President of the Port of Gdansk Authority.

Despite the 7,9-perc adjusted transhipme compared to the record-breaking 2019 year, 2020 can still be considered a successful year. A total of 48 million tons of cargo were transhipped: 22 million tons of general cargo, including 1.9 million TEU of containers, 13 million tons of crude oil and fuels, 5.7 million tons of coal, less than 1.5 million tons of grains and 4.6 million tons of others bulk cargo. It is worth noting that despite the crisis, the growth dynamics surmised to 29 percent compared to 2016. The share of goods handled at the Inner Port is also growing. In 2020 it amounted to 9.83 million tonnes, which equals to 20 percent of the total transhipment volume at the Port of Gdansk. In 2020, the number of commercial vessels handled at the Port of Gdansk increased - in total, 3,051 vessels with a total tonnage of 19,737 GT called at the port. In January 2021, the Port of Gdansk returned to the growing trend, reloading over 4.6 million tonnes.

- We have shown that we are a stable, reliable partner in international logistics chains with great growth potential and high ambitions - says Adam Kłos, Commercial Director of the Port of Gdansk Authority - We are convinced that in 2021 we will manage to carry out transshipments at a level higher than in the year 2020, now we are planning it at 51 million tons. Already the first months allowed us, after overtaking the port in Primorsk, to reach the 3rd place in the Baltic Sea in terms of overall transshipments. When it comes to reloading containers, we have overtaken Saint Petersburg and now we are the leader.

In 2020, the Port of Gdansk managed to achieve a revenue similar to last year's level (255 million). 136.4 million were achieved due to lease, 30.1 million due to the sale of utilities, 75.3 million due to port fees and waste collection. The Port of Gdansk Authority also achieved 65 million net profit.

- These are very good results. They inspire optimism — says Łukasz Greinke, President of the Port of Gdansk Authority — Moreover, we managed to be promoted to the top 20 best European ports.

In 2021, the Port of Gdansk was approaching 1 billion in capital expenditure in the period from 2016. The continuation of record investments in 2020 amounted to a total of 273.2 million. The largest investments are 2 key projects under the CEF Connecting Europe Facility, which include the reconstruction of 5 kilometers of quays, the deepening of 7 kilometers of port canals in the Inner Port and the construction of 7 kilometers of roads, 10 kilometers of tracks and four viaducts in the back of the terminals located in the Northern Port.

- In 2021, we primarily wanted to complete the investments implemented since 2017. We also set ourselves new challenges, we want to provide our operators with the most modern port infrastructure, including new quays. These are the next hundreds of millions of zlotys that we plan to spend in the coming years - adds Łukasz Greinke.

The Port also finances a number of investments outlays from its own funds. In 2020, it was about PLN 50 million for hardening storage yards, renovation of buildings, industrial installations, including those related to security, expenditure on the implementation of the Port Community System or replacement of the financial and accounting system.

Port of Gdansk Eksploatacja for sale - The Port of Gdansk Authority is looking for an investor for the largest transshipment operator in the Inner Port.

The Port of Gdansk Authority SA has decided to sell the full block of shares in its subsidiary, Port Gdański Eksploatacja SA. It is currently one of the largest operator companies, providing professional services in the field of transhipment and storage of goods in international trade. It operates in an exceptionally attractive area with significant investment potential.