KIL Ltd.

Nad Stobnicą 21A Mierzyn
72-006 Szczecin
+48 91 485 84 65
+48 91 464 69 98
KIL company as first and so far only company from Poland is a member of german Maritime Allianz organization which is based on maritime and shipyard companies, functioning mainly in eastern and northern States of Germany. The main purposes of this organization are : cooperation between members as well as introducing new technologies in maritime industry. KIL hopes that cooperation will be succesfull and it could help us with our development and also will improve services we provide. For more information, please see .
„KIL” frequently carried out repairs of deck cranes. Our high skilled employees are experienced in accomplishment of deck cranes repairs even in specific conditions are able to carry out the repair either in port or during sea voyage.
We are able to fulfill underwater hull plating welding without necessity of docking. Carrying out repairs with a use of that unique method distinguish KIL on Polish market.
In 2006 within the contract with “REMONTOWA” Shipyard, we carried out complete remotely controlled system of ballast valves hydraulic steering on heavy-lift ships – m/v “Willift Eagle” and m/v “Willift Falcon” . During that contract our employees laid over 14 km of hydraulic installation. We are proud of our contribution in world scale conversion of a tanker (88272 DWT) to a large-size load vessel.
For POLSTEAM we compiled complete documentation for “Coaster” type vessels which enabled us to carry out redevelopement of hatch covers opening/ closing system on 15 vessels of that type, e. g. m/v “Bolesławiec”
Also on “Coaster” type vessels we carried out modernization in order to obtain OND class which is possibility of taking ground of the loaded ship. That modernization also required completion documentation by our engineers.
We carried out modernization of navigation masts on type B570 ships which enables sailing of those vessels on Erie Lake in the United States. We also modernized exhaust system of the vessels which eliminates drawing of exhaust gases into accommodation space of the superstructure.
Significant undertaking concerning port buildings was rebuilding and modernization of loading system in “Warta” elevator in port of Szczecin.
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