Keel laing in Remontowa Shipbuilding
Date of publication: 12.03.2015

The symbolic “keel laing” ceremony of modern, car – passenger ferry took place in Remontowa Shipbuilding, member of Capital Group REMONTOWA HOLDING, on Thursday, 5th of March 2015. The ferry was ordered by Canadian Owner - BC Ferries – the largest passenger ferry operator in North America and the second largest in the world.

The  “keel laing“ is the old, naval tradition. In earlier times, the event recognized as the keel laying was the initial placement of the central timber making up the backbone of a vessel. Presently central timber was replaced by the bottom steel section of the hull. The keel laying  ceremony is still an important milestone  of ship  construction, even though the majority of ships today are created using a modular construction.

Tradition includes  the placing of a newly minted coin under the keel and then constructing the ship over it. This time - the beautiful Canadian Silver Dollar coin was welded into place in the hull for its service life by Vice President Engineering – Mr. Mark Wilson. The coin is commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Maple Leaf as the official flag of Canada.

The ceremony has been  attended by  representatives of the Owner  - BC Ferries headed by President and CEO – Mr. Mike Corrigan.

The contract for three vessels was signed at the end of 2014.

Contract includes design, construction, carrying out of complete trial program and delivery of the vessels to the home port. The first vessel is to be completed in the third quarter of 2016.