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A modern hybrid ferry built in the Crist shipyard set out for Iceland [photo, video]
Date of publication: 17.06.2019

On June 9 the Crist shipyard delivered fully equipped, hybrid passenger-car ferry to the Icelandic shipowner Vegagerðin. The vessel will handle demanding trade between the islands of the Westman archipelago of Iceland.

The NB 70 "Herjólfur" ferry will serve on the route between Landeyjahöfn and Vestmannaeyjar - islands in the Westman archipelago, located 9 kilometers from the south of Iceland. Vestmannaeyjar is known as a charming, volcanic place and from the famous picture of a lonely house near the cliff.

The route's travel time will be only 20 minutes. It will be possible thanks to the parameters and equipment of the vessel ensuring high maneuverability and an efficient drive system. The ship is equipped with a hybrid main propulsion system.

The modern design of the NB 70 unit allows operating in very difficult conditions - the southern waters of Iceland are dominated by high ocean waves caused by the wind. Weather conditions are also harsh in winter, but low temperatures and heavy rains are not a challenge for the ferry built in the CRIST shipyard.

- After delivering "Elektra" for the shipowner from Finland and participation in the project "Color Hybrid" for Norwegians, it is another hybrid ferry that was constructed in our shipyard. We hope to maintain this trend in the future and strengthen our position on the European market as a manufacturer of innovative passenger vessels - sums up Tomasz Wrzask, PR Manager at CRIST.

The ferry will be operated by 10-man crew and will also accommodate from 390 passengers in the winter season to 540 passengers in the summer season. The difference results from the external terrace of the vessel, which is usually impossible to use in winter.

- We provide a fully equipped, ready-made ship with a hybrid drive that is larger and better equipped than the originally ordered Icelandic ferry. We are pleased that despite the initial differences in the amount of the final settlement, both sides have reached a final agreement that satisfies both CRIST and Vegagerðin - emphasizes Wrzask.
Ship was fully designed and built in Poland, from the classification documentation to the working documentation. The ordering party is Vegagerðin - the Icelandic Road Transport Authority. It manages nearly 13,000 km of Iceland's national roads. Among the typical tasks of the office, such as planning, designing and road maintenance, Vegagerðin also supervises companies providing ferry transport services.

Ship details

Deadline for delivery: June 2019.
Length: 71.78 m
Width: 15.10 m
Maximum capacity: 540 passengers + 10 crew