CO2 pressure vessel with CCS acceptance from PBUCH -
CO2 pressure vessel with CCS acceptance from PBUCH
Date of publication: 10.06.2020

PBUCH S.A. manufactures tanks for low-pressure fire protection systems, dedicated to large cargo spaces on ships, to protect the transported goods.

The advantage of this system is that one tank eliminates the need to mount the amount of high pressure CO2 cylinders by reducing the weight of the fire extinguishing system by 50%.

The design of the tank and its frame also supports the CO2 cooling system, refrigerant distribution system, control system, measuring system and safety valves. The order includes the production of a pressure vessel, distribution system components and insulation. Tank insulation is performed in such a way as to ensure control of full protection of the tank surface with polyurethane foam. The foam is injected under the temporary coat, then it is removed, any deficiencies are filled up and after verification the correct coat made of aluminum sheet is built on.

The scope of supply of the tank includes preparation of design, concession documentation, approval of documentation in the Class, carrying out the production process in accordance with the requirements of the Third Body and the client.

In January 2020, PBUCH made, among others, tank of this type with the acceptance of the Chinese Classification Society. The documentation was approved by the headquarters in China. The production process was carried out under the supervision of inspector from Hamburg office.