New contract for norwegian market in Crist -
New contract for norwegian market in Crist
Date of publication: 24.03.2017

The shipyard CRIST began work on the unit NB SC 75/2 - fully equipped Life Fish Carrier. Highly automated ship will be used to transport fish from sea farms to the processing plant on land. The purpose of NB SC 75/2 will be to operate in the area of the North Atlantic and the Pacific.

This is a second order placed at Crist for the ship of the same design and third order for the buyer which is Arctic Group Maritime AS - Norwegian export and trading company.

The ship is scheduled for delivery mid 2018.

€œCRIST is a leading shipyard on the European market specialized in shipbuilding and maritime constructions. Crist is also one of the leaders in the offshore sector. Shipyard from Gdynia has delivered such vessels as the Heavy Maintenance Vessel "VIDAR", the Heavy Lift Jack - Up Vessel "INNOVATION" and the Jack-up Barge "THOR".

Unit dimensions:

Overall length: 75.7 m
Width: 15 m
The height of the main deck: 8 m