Crist shipyard builds another National Geographic cruise liner [photo, video] -
Crist shipyard builds another National Geographic cruise liner [photo, video]
Date of publication: 09.10.2019

On 18 September, a keel was laid in Crist Shipyard for the construction of the second polar National Geographic cruise ship. The ultra-modern vessel is being built for the American company Lindblad Expeditions Holdings. The main contractor is the Norwegian shipyard Ulstein, but almost fully equipped hull will be built in the Polish shipyard.

The keel-laying ceremony also became an opportunity to officially name the unit. The ship named National Geographic Resolution will be the sister ship of National Geographic Endurance, whose hull left Crist shipyard in April 2019.

The National Geographic Resolution, scheduled for delivery in the third quarter of 2021, will expand the Lindblad Expeditions fleet to four vessels. This is the next stage of the shipowner's expansion after delivering of the vessels: National Geographic Quest in July 2017, National Geographic Venture in December 2018, and the planned delivery of National Geographic Endurance in the first quarter of 2020.

National Geographic Resolution will be approximately 125 m long and over 20 m wide. The new ship will have the highest ice class and is built in accordance with the patented hull design from the X-BOW line. The use of this solution in a passenger ship will reduce the impact of waves on the hull, which will increase the comfort of traveling and reduce noise and vibration. The shape and closed nature of X-BOW are also intended to minimize the risk of wave splashing, excluding the risks and nuisances of slippery or icy decks. The very movement of the vessel in polar conditions will also be facilitated. The ship will be able to operate faster and more efficiently in adverse conditions at sea, with less time spent traveling through the most dangerous sea areas. Thanks to the patented X-BOW hull, the unit will have a much smaller impact on the environment, while reducing daily operating costs.

The vessel will accommodate 126 passengers in 69 spacious cabins and apartments. 75% of them will have their own balconies; viewing terraces and observation wings will also be available, so that you can admire the views from each side of the ship. Exploration is also to be facilitated by the innovative "Zodiac" system, which will enable quick and safe disembarkation, providing express access to each destination. To complement the unit's capabilities, guests will also have kayaks, cross-country skis, a remote-controlled vehicle (ROV), a microscope and underwater video cameras.

Lindblad Expeditions works with National Geographic to develop sea expedition programs and to promote nature conservation and sustainable tourism around the world.

The CRIST shipyard is currently one of the largest Polish shipyards. During twenty-nine years of activity, CRIST has achieved the position of one of the leading manufacturers of specialized shipbuilding equipment in the segments of hydro technical equipment and vessels for the largest global recipients. The quality of services rendered and the production potential of CRIST are increasingly recognized by shipowners, which is further demonstrated by the successive contracts filling the order backlog by the end of 2023. The shipyard focuses its development around the construction of specialized ships and structures for the maritime industry.