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Danish authorities has approved the offshore part of the Baltic Pipe Project
Date of publication: 04.11.2019

Baltic Pipe has just obtained the next administrative decisions for the Project implementation in Denmark. On 25th of October the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities issued two decisions related to the offshore pipeline location: one for GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. – Polish Gas Transmission System Operator – and the other for Energinet – the Danish national transmission operator for gas and electricity. The decision is an important step for Baltic Pipe and is the final of the major permits for the project.

The decision for GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. covers both sections where the offshore pipeline on the Baltic Sea bed will be constructed. One section from the shoreline in the Faxe region to the border of the Swedish maritime area, and one from the Swedish maritime area, through the Danish maritime area around the island of Bornholm, up to the Polish maritime area. In total, the pipeline will be approx. 133 kilometres long in each section.

The decision for Energinet covers two sections – one in the North Sea and one in Little Belt – the sound between Funen and Jutland. The North Sea section covers approx. 105 kilometres of pipe line from the existing Norwegian Europipe II pipeline and all the way to the Danish West Coast at Houstrup Strand in Jutland. The second section covers the 4 kilometres crossing of Little Belt, connecting the Jutland peninsula with the island of Funen.

The Baltic Pipe project is moving ahead according to plan. The first construction is planned for December 2019 when Energinet breaks ground on the preparations for the Compressor Station located on the southern part of the island of Zealand. On the other hand, GAZ-SYSTEM plans to start the site preparation works in the landfall of the pipeline in the Faxe area in the middle of next year.